Typical Tuesday

I don’t really have any good stories from yesterday. At least I don’t think any of what I write is going to be remotely interesting. So if you want to stop reading now and move onto some other activity, I won’t be offended.

First off, D^ had a game yesterday. They lost their ninth straight. The thing is, they are much better than their record indicates. Their really more of a 4-5 or 5-4 team, but, it seems, now that the losing has become a habit, they’re just making mistakes they wouldn’t have made earlier this season. They did end last night’s game with a couple of good innings, so there is still hope for the second round. But, anyway, D^ played reasonably well last night, though he had a mental error out in the field. Don’t worry, dear readers, he will be punished appropriately (first time readers, please note that this is a running joke and not a serious statement. Thank you for not bitching me out).

After that I stopped by the bar to get some dinner and ran into JetBlue. D. and JMc and some others were also there. I was already a bit tired and so was JetBlue so the conversation was kinda listless. What’s worse, I don’t know any better whether or not she is interested in me the way she was Saturday night. But, on the plus side, I can log in another day of “no mo’ rejection.” Sweet.

I also talked for a while to the sexy Sunday bartender. I’m not sure if I have a nickname for her–I’m going to have to check back in the blog later. She talked about her busy work schedule and once again talked about how she likes to bartend. Must be her standard drunken conversation with a stranger/customer. At any rate, she’s hotter than hell and flirty as anything, but, as I said before, I’m not ruining Sunday nights by hitting on her–in fact, she talked about how she hates when customers hit on her. D., take note.

A bit after she left, K2 showed up. Cha-chang, double header. But, by this point I was wicked tired, so I missed another opportunity to be suave. But that’s fine too. She was headed out for the night with a couple of friends–clubbing don’t cha know–so there really wasn’t too much point. I knew I wasn’t going to be heading out on the town at 11 o’clock. At any rate, she was looking beautiful. Man, I just love her eyes and her hair. Snap! If only she weren’t skinnier than a twelve year old boy, she’d be perfect. So, anyway, we did talk awhile and, like I said, I didn’t seem overly enthusiastic so I hope she recognized the tiredness and didn’t take it for waning interest or anything. But, hey, whatever happens happens.

And all in the middle of all that I talked on the phone with Afternoon Girl. Because it’s been such a busy week for both of us it’s been difficult to find the time to meet up–and that’s been frustrating me. Oh well, what can I do about that? But I still cherish the phone calls and the flirting. Sweet! Looking forward to meeting up again–and her birthday’s coming up so I’m also trying to figure out what to get her. Any ideas, people?

Well, as I said, nothing too exciting. we’ll see what Wednesday brings–it always brings something, that’s for sure.


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