Top of the Line

Wednesday was certainly a long, busy day for yours truly. After a, ahem, grueling day of work, I went out to golf in my regular Wednesday night golf league. And, though a bit cool, the weather was perfect. And my game was on fire! For me, that is. Oh sure, a lot of golfers would be disappointed with a 50 for nine holes, but it was by far my best round of the season. Two pars and several bogeys! Except for a couple of snowman holes, it was a great round. Had I not had those two glitches I would’ve been in the mid-forties. But I always bring the glitches.

I had to cut out right after my round because I promised some students I would definitely make it to their graduation. And also to make sure that their diplomas were signed, sealed, and delivered. Hey, I like all of my students but it’s always good to have them move along. Anyway, I made it up there, merely an hour late–but don’t worry, that still left me with an hour and a half worth of ceremony. And it was all nice and happy and a bit rowdy–both students and audience alike. All I can say is I’m guessing there’s a shortage of air horns in stores today.

Anyway, after graduation I went to a teacher party for a while. It was nice and everything, but kind of quiet so I slipped out after a half hour or so. Way too much conversation about students and school and education in general. Oh well. And, as you may recall, Wednesday is the night that things seem to happen, so I decided to stop by the bar and see what was, yeah, happening.

And guess what I ran into: the potential perfect storm.

First of all, I was getting there at about 11:30–which was about the time that I could start expecting a call from Afternoon Girl. Secondly, I had seen JetBlue’s car outside, so I knew she’d be there and would probably be talkative because she’s rarely out late mid-week. Well, when I went in I saw her first, sitting near D.R. I also noticed R. walking by me as I headed over to JetBlue–he once again had that grin on his face. Anyway, I started talking to D.R. and JetBlue for a minute; then, as I was headed to the men’s room I noticed M. at the corner of the bar. As I started to say something to him who do I see right next to him? You’d better believe it! Hello, K2. She put a hand up looking like she wanted a high five. As I sent my hand over she gripped it instead. That was sweet and unexpected. But right now it’s time for an aside…

Man, one thing I’ll never get is handshakes. So many times I think someone is going to do one thing and they go off and do something else. Get beyond the regular handshake and I’m in the weeds. The worst for me is the one that starts with the finger grip followed by the interlocking thumbs. After that, lord knows what the other person is going to do. Will it be the mutual pat on the shoulder? Perhaps the pull yourselves together for the mutual pat on the back? Or, you get the people who freestyle after that–which of course completely loses me. I might as well be trying to do the Kid n Play dance. (I would find what I’m talking about here on YouTube but that’s a forbidden website here at work). There are of course other handshakes to deal with to. You’ve got the fist-to-fist one–which comes in especially handy if you’re playing sports. I got one of those from my golf partner yesterday after we both hit the green. But, of course, even that simple “shake” has a variation taught to me by D. After you press fists together you throw your hand back and open it up at the same time while making a little exploding sound. Heh, I even used to share a secret personalized celebration handshake with the X. If I remember, it was a variation of one the Red Sox did in the glory days of Kevin Millar. Alas, that’s just a memory now.

At any rate, there it was. JetBlue–who’s usually gone by eight on a Wednesday–and K2–who’s never there before ten–and they were sitting maybe ten feet apart from one another. Going back and forth wasn’t going to work for me. And, if I had tried to hang around with K2 her attention would’ve wandered anyway and JetBlue would’ve been pissed at the same time. Besides I know that K2 is, in the long run, more likely to be just a buddy–but a boy can dream can’t he? So anyway, I sat with the very chatty and very flirty JetBlue. Top of the line conversation–but not too much I’m going to blog about. I did notice M. and K2 both glance over at different times. M. is in many ways the heart and soul of the bar. He oversees all that is happening. And I’m guessing is that his expression when he was looking at JetBlue and I was saying something like: “The fool. The fool. Has he learned nothing these past months.” At any rate, I had a nice time with Mo. I hope my choice will pay dividends this weekend, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Afternoon Girl unintentionally saved me from that perfect storm. She didn’t call until after JetBlue had left. That would’ve been an interesting choice for me to make. I’d much rather be talking to Afternoon Girl, but do I want to piss off JetBlue just as she’s coming back around to me? At any rate, we had a nice little conversation. She’s always a spirit lifter. She brings on the heavy flirtation with no drama attached. It sucks that we’ve both been busy and haven’t been able to coordinate schedules, but maybe at some point this weekend. Who knows? Of course, that too will be a balancing act because I’m fully hoping to get some more quality JetBlue time. But we’ll deal with that storm when it brews.

For now, I’m just appreciating all of them and the unique craziness each brings to my life. It’s top of the line kind of turmoil for me right now.


One Response to “Top of the Line”

  1. Warwick Motley Says:

    Sometimes a man is better off playing golf!

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