Tattoo You

I may be splitting up this past weekend into a number of different posts, writing as I remember particular moments. To sum up briefly though: nothing went as I expected it to; some parts of it were weirder than I can even begin to describe; and parts of it were wonderful and even wonderfilled.

But, where to begin…

A couple of snippets from Tattoo Guy:

Tattoo Guy (to me, completely out of the blue): Want a percocet?

Me: Um, no.

Tattoo Guy: Oh that’s right, you don’t do that.

K2: I’ll take his if he’s not having it.

and, later:

Tattoo Guy (talking to two women who are admiring his tattoos): This one represents peace and this one is a tribal one…but, you know, (pointing at me) if you want to see some serious tats, that guy’s whole body is covered with them.

And that was the moment I got to find out all about what Heineken nearly coming out my nostrils feels like.

Deja Blue: Oh, and R. was there last night. D. mentioned to him that I’ve been hanging out with Afternoon Girl. And of course he mentioned that she’s in her 20s:

R.: Wait a minute, dude, JetBlue isn’t in her twenties.

And, although I don’t have a particular conversation that goes along with this quote, last night (and many times previous) every time R. starts talking about something with me, he’ll suddenly stop and say:

R: Wait a minute. Have we had this conversation before?

Ah Those Sweet Afternoons: And I couldn’t finish off my first entry of the day without mentioning my Saturday with Afternoon Girl. Although we thought we would only have a few short hours, a friend of hers who never called back gave us a whole day together. I’ll write more later, but I’ll just say ahhh to a short trip to the Berkshires and oooo to a visit to the Rez and mmm hmm to an evening hanging out at the bar. Here’s to Tur’bos and BLTs and my second largest bar tab evah!


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