A Muted Celebration

After my meeting and after D^’s baseball game, I was sitting at home planning on a nice relaxing evening of writing and watching television. Somethings I don’t do enough of nowadays. Then I got a text message from a co-worker telling me I had won $500 in a school raffle. Woot woot!! Well, you know, if I had been smart I would’ve just quietly celebrated at home–maybe break open the nice bottle of wine that I picked up in the Berkshires on Saturday. But, you know by now, I’m not smart and so I decided to stop out at the bar for a quick beer. Not to tell people that I had won–no, no, that would have been a grievous error in the world of mouchers and sneak thieves that I roll around in–but just to hang out and see what was up.

Ooo, weekend flashback: “Wat’s up wit choo, girl?”

So I got down there and it was relatively quiet. I noticed that JetBlue was there before I went in and, at the time, I was happy about that. I hadn’t seen her all weekend and lately she’s been a bit more flirty with me. You know, the tired old ebb and flow.

But I knew I was in for a suckless night when the bartender informed me that the bar was–get this motherfuckers–the bar was OUT OF HEINEKEN. What the…? I didn’t drink THAT much last night. The bartender credited the bizarro lack of the best beer in a bottle to the absentee owner and his unfocused ways. Maybe, but still.

And I knew I was in for a luckless night when JetBlue launched into stories about her asshole man who she’s “ignoring”–you know, by sending him text messages and calling him and “running into” him. You know, JetBlue, I don’t mind talking to you and being your counselor about stuff, but remember who I am too. But I did my best to give her what seemed like good advice, so much so that she was like “You’re my conscience talking, aren’t you?” Oh, and I also got an “I hate you” out of her–not because I did something hateful but because I said something about her relationship with this guy that she knew to be true and that she was denying. At any rate, she kept spilling and spilling about different stuff. As I’ve said before, I know more about JetBlue’s secrets and life disappointments than anyone out there. I can’t share them with you, dear readers, but let me just say there’s a lot more to JetBlue than meets the eye.

And, despite the main topic of conversation, JetBlue was being fairly flirty with me. But, I don’t know, the topic of the conversation was kind of a buzz kill for me so, though I accepted it, I didn’t really do much with it. Oh, and K2 had come in and, to be honest I wanted so much to abandon ship and go over and talk to her. But, alas, I remained true to the nightmare of my choice. Although, at one point, JetBlue went to the lady’s room to reapply make-up and I went outside for a smoke and also I had noticed that Afternoon Girl had called. K2 was outside and as I was about to leave a message for AG she waved to me and smiled that smile, but then disappeared back inside before I could try to talk to her. When I went back in I was thinking of trying to draw her into our conversation with the offer of a Tur’bo, but she was already immersed in someone else. Another missed opportunity with the lovely K2.

At any rate, JetBlue and I headed out at the same time. I was glad to go because Afternoon Girl had called again and I so much wanted to talk to her. Now at this point, JetBlue’s flirtiness and all gave me the impression that she at least was going to attack my face. To be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted to find out if it were true. If I walked over to her car expecting that and it didn’t happen? That would end my “no mo’ rejection” streak. Well, anyway, that little bit of interest in the idea ended when I saw that K2 was in the parking lot. Yeah, this is once again a perfect storm evening with K2 and JetBlue converging on each other–they’re friendly with each other–and with me waiting on the opportunity to call my sweet AG instead of focusing on the two storms hugging right in front of me.

Well, anyway, JB headed for her car and I veered off toward mine and said a distant good night. If it hadn’t been so late I probably would’ve stayed for the second half of the double header, but it’s only Monday. There’s a lot of week out there ahead of me. So I called Afternoon Girl on my way home and we had another sweet conversation (and yes I’m about to up the minutes on my cell phone plan) and started to try to make plans for our next chance to meet up. But the opportunities are limited, so I don’t know when that will be. Something to look forward to though. mmm hmm. Oh, and I sent a text to JetBlue saying I had a nice evening. I think she was a little pissed by my half-assed “good night” though because she didn’t respond. But that’s fine. One thing I’ve learned is that people whose nights often end like this are pretty resilient and pretty forgiving.

When you live in a bar you have to learn to forgive people for their faults. In fact, wherever you live you have to do that, don’t you?


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