I am pleased to report that I have finally passed the thousand word mark on my screenplay. Heh–only running nine days late! Yes, it is the 12th and I’m nine days behind schedule.

I’m happy though–I feel like I hit a milestone.

Oh, and one quick story from the weekend. I love how Afternoon Girl so gracefully transitioned into the ‘gang at the bar’ scene on Saturday. D. did his usual flirt-thang and she gave it right back to him. (Please don’t say again that you are the female D. though. Kinda makes me shudder) When the two bartenders (Saturday Girl and A.) were dancing down at the end of the bar, Afternoon Girl asked if they could do that in front of her, hehe. Oh yeah–both AG and I have the hots for Saturday Girl. What can I say? We both have great taste.

More later…I hope.


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