Not Sure What Happened There

Okay, so, please answer these questions for me.

1) Why did I spend six and a half hours in a bar on a Tuesday night?

2) If a woman, like K2 for instance, makes the point of saying to you that she’s not working on Thursday and definitely will be out Wednesday night, is that a hint?

3) Why would someone, like JetBlue, who knows that you are really attracted to her, make you her confidant regarding her current flailing relationship? And, under those circumstances, does that person expect any advice other than ‘dump the loser’?

I look forward to your thoughts on these important philosophical questions. Meanwhile, here are some other highlights of the evening, also presented to you as questions…

Why would a group of adults–from ‘all walks of life’ as they say–revel in both a beer coaster fight and a ‘get the quarter in the beer’ game (no, not “Quarters”, just a pointless diversion)? Why does D. leave a cooler of beer in his truck and why is stealing it so appealing to us?

Why does fate have it that the person I most want to see right now is the one whom I can rarely see? And, does the fact that D. spilled to JetBlue about Afternoon Girl make me more or less appealing to JB?

Does the Jilted One purposely give me many free beers or is she just really bad at updating tabs? And, can I parlay K2’s lack of an operating car into some quality time together?

Well, I’m still planning to write a little more about last weekend, though I’m not sure when that will happen. In the meantime, I’ll be sorting out my two “perfect storm” evenings in a row. And, one last question–could I survive the ultimate perfect storm–K2 and JetBlue and Afternoon Girl ALL together in the bar at the same time? I’d love to ride that one out.


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