So Far

I am so far behind in writing on this blog that I might just have to let some things slip away. Last Weekend? You know, a one AM trip to the Flats? No time to tell you about it. Afternoon Girl and D. finding that they are way too similar? Scary for me, but no time to blog it. K2 news? Nothing too exciting so no time to write it all down. R. having a strange and almost deadly Sunday night/Monday morning? Wish I could accommodate you.

So, let me jump ahead to Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll just pretend that all the great moments of the weekend never happened–unless of course they pop back into my head. Let’s see, Wednesday, nothing too exciting there. I played golf poorly and then later on headed down to the bar. After a couple nights of JetBlue, it was strangely refreshing to have her not there. K2 was, though. I don’t have much to say about that. She left early with M. Not sure if they were headed out elsewhere or out to get some pharmaceuticals or what. The few brief moments we had talking though ended with K2 tickling my side. At this point I’m not sure how to take that. But that’s okay, I’ll still take it.

Yesterday, I took the day off from work–hey, I figured, I’ve got time to burn, might as well burn it now. The spectre of seven straight days of work before summer vacation was just too much for me to take, hehe. My original plan was to play golf and relax, but after talking to Afternoon Girl on Wednesday night I had a much better plan: sleep in late and then lunch and an afternoon with the beautiful one.

And what can I say about it all. Afternoon Girl isn’t usually up so early, so it was nice to introduce her to the concept that the only AM hours aren’t one through four. And we had a nice lunch, with lots of great stories and a tour through her collection of cards and fortunes–I’m glad to see someone else saves apropos fortunes too. Then we went shopping and bought me a new shirt. Sweet. It’s so nice to have someone dressing me again. I can shop for myself and all but it’s so exhilarating to have someone picking out something that she thinks makes me look good. Oh yeah–these are the small things that build up into the big things for me. And, let’s see, after all that we went to the park and took some pictures and Ms. Afternoon Girl displayed her amazing ability to notice frogs hiding out in the pond. And she also displayed her ability to ask the questions that really matter–what would life be like if frogs acted like miniature alligators?–Seriously, think about it, kids.

After our great afternoon, I got to go and hang out with the boys. And D^ had a baseball game–and guess what, dear readers–they won their first game of the season! It was a bit difficult to watch for a couple of reasons. One–they had nearly no hitting and it was a 2-1 nail biter right down to the final out. And–two–D^ got drilled in the head with a fastball. Thank god for the heavy duty helmet he was wearing. Odd thing is, right before the game he was telling me how the night before he got hit in the very same spot while playing catch and how his head was still tender. So, now I don’t even know how his head must feel. Yikes. He did get the game ball though. He scored the first run and threw a runner out trying to steal third. He’s taken over as catcher and has been excelling at the position. He’s always wanted to be a catcher and I guess he knew what he was talking about. The thing is, he may not be a super-athlete (and he’s certainly not the fastest kid out there) but he understands the game beyond his ten years. He has a career ahead of him as a coach if not also as a player.

In the evening I headed out to the bar. Thursdays there are often disappointing to me. Often the week night gang are either dragging or absent all together and the whole weekend crowd starts to move in. Give me Wednesday any week of the year. I left there after a short while and found myself down at the secret bar. Though there was no JetBlue it was a pleasant enough time, but nothing too bloggable. Something was up with D.R. and his girlfriend though, but, hey–what can I say–if you want to treat her like shite, I’m more than happy to take her off your hands. Both she and L. the bartender there are secret lusts of mine. Don’t tell anyone I told you that, dear reader.

So, that’s as much as an update as I feel like offering. Tonight, who knows where things will go. I have no set plans and am liking it that way. Tomorrow I will be golfing all day in the best and craziest scramble of the year. Should be fun. And on Sunday I’ll be having Father’s Day fun with the kids in the morning and am thinking that Afternoon Girl and I will be spending some quality time down at the bar in the, you guessed it, afternoon. So, hey, dear readers, if you want to meet her, stop on by around three or four. I’ll give you directions if you need them.


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