What You Up To?

Well, my weekend started promptly at 2:45 on Friday with some drinks with co-workers. Nothing much to report there other than it was a really cool time. I’ll miss some of them over the summer–and hope to get to hang out at least a couple of times over the break. It’s been a crazy year here. I lost my best work friend back at the end of March. My other best friend is leaving for another job–in part because she’s having trouble coping with our loss. Several people I know are retiring. It’s going to be a whole different place next year. Luckily I’ve come out of my shell and have been making new friends and being more active around the school so I hope I can survive all the shitty stuff that has happened.

But anyway, I headed home after that to nap a bit before going out for the evening. As I was getting home I received a text message from JetBlue–and that doesn’t usually happen–“What you up to?” So I responded with my plans and asked what was up with her. I was certainly intrigued that she was writing me, but, you know, I knew better than to let my heart go all aflutter. And I didn’t hear back from her. Even after my nap. Even after I headed out. Yep. Glad I didn’t get my hopes up. So, while I was out I spent time wondering why the message and why the no response. At that point I was figuring that she either sent it to the wrong person (believe me, that happens to her) or she sent it to lots of people and a better response got back to her. But I didn’t think about it too much.

I spent some time at the bar with D. and the gang. There were a lot of random women there–including a couple that I recognized from browsing Myspace. Heh–that freakin’ Myspace. But I was all tired and stuff from my afternoon drinking so I retired to the secret bar to relax outside. I wonder how you can market the place? “Nestled between the factory and the mosquito-plagued river…” At any rate, Friday night is apparently ‘biker night’ there now. Which is fine, most of them are dead nice people. Cool and non-judgemental and all that. But no JetBlue–okay, okay, I went there hoping. I talked with my friend who runs the place and his girlfriend whom I adore. Crazy artist guy was there–and, man, the more I hear him talk the more I realize that my nickname for him is spot-on. I ended up leaving relatively early–one or so–because I had some early golf to deal with Saturday morning.

Remind me that spending a whole day with D. is clearly a mistake. Okay–I’m supposed to meet him at his house at 9:15. He calls at 9:05–“Where the hell are you? Let’s go golfing!” “Um” I say “I’ll be there in ten minutes, like I said.” Okay,so I get there and then I have to wait ten minutes for him to clean his golf shoes! Hurry up and wait. And he was completely hyper the whole way there, whooping and shouting, and driving like a nut. And, you know, I kinda figured it was a mistake to get a ride from him rather than taking my own car, but he didn’t know how to get there and I figured I could save some money on gas, etc. But, of course, it turned out to be a mistake.

The golf went fine, except that D. decided to spend the whole day driving the cart like a madman–sort of a controlled version of the time he nearly killed me with the golf cart. None of us golfed all that well, though D. did win for having the longest drive on a particular hole–yes, the longest of anyone playing in the tournament. After the tourney there was time for dinner and more drinking and music. D. was, of course, trying to hit on women left and right. What’s new. It was getting later and I was wearing down–the sun + drinking = sleepy J.

But then, around seven thirty I get a text message–“What you up to?” Wha?! Yes, JetBlue sends me the message again and I’m thinking to myself, how the hell do I respond? Should I be rude and ask her why she’s asking me this again? Should I ignore it because I’m busy? or should I respond? Well, I decided a normal, vague response would do. Something like “What’s up with you?” But instead of silence I get back an immediate offer to meet me for dinner and drinks in Northampton.

Remember, dear readers, several weeks ago I told you that I would hold out on JetBlue until she asked me out? (Operation “No Mo’ Rejections”) Well, it actually worked. Are you as surprised as I am? Unfortunately, I had to tell her that I had eaten, and worse yet was relying on D. for a ride, but that maybe I could convince him to head downtown within a half an hour or so. And she was cool with that, though she and D. fight like crazy.

But it gets better. Then I notice I have a phone message from Afternoon Girl. Her plans fell through and maybe I could head down to the whip city to hang out. Oh shite. If I had my car with me I would’ve been headed there in a flash–hey, JetBlue has made me wait a long time, I could easily call her and tell her I’m too tired or too drunk to go out–she’d certainly believe that. Anyway, my phone was not working well where we were–which is why I hadn’t realized that AG had called until after the message showed up–so I couldn’t even call her back until D. and I were at the place we were meeting JetBlue. So, there I was with D. and JB calling AG to apologize for not being able to hang out. Now, D. tells me that it’s a good thing that JB knows about AG because the competition will keep her interested in me–and so far it seems to be working out that way.

Anyway,we had a couple of outdoor drinks on the deck and then I insisted on heading back to get my car. JB and I made plans to meet up at the secret bar and D. and I headed home. When I got my car, I headed home to change and clean up and stuff. D. said he was going to the ‘Dump and I made the mistake of telling him where JB and I were going.

Yes, dear readers, I know this blog entry is dragging on and on but I’m enjoying trying to recall the weekend. Okay, so there we are down at the secret bar–D. of course showed up there instead of up at the Dump–me and JetBlue and D. and some other guy who’s friends with JB. And there were others there too for a while at least. So anyway, JB got pretty drunk and started flirting with the three of us and then she and I started dancing to the music–interestingly she insisted on leading–and it was a sweet time. Oh yeah, I could get used to that.

But of course D. had to keep harassing her and they got into several arguments. And, of course, she had to mention her guy that she’s been pointlessly pursuing for some time–even mentioning that he blew her off (again) on Friday–ahhh, I though, that’s why she called me. And then she heard a song that reminded her of her father and started to cry and I got to talk her through that. I understand exactly how loss feels to her because I feel it the same way–and I also know that the drinking just compounds it all. And the night went on and at some point I realized that the bar sort of forgot to close at 2 and it was now nearly 3 AM. And, yes,I had to be up at 8. And, well, D. said one final stupid thing to JB that made her decide to leave immediately so I followed her out. And she was crying again–yes, a drunk D. is an asshole D.–so we talked a bit. I offered her a ride home–no, not to be all skeazy–because she had been kinda sleepy drunk earlier on before D. got her re-riled. But she said she was fine and said she wanted to see me again, but only if it didn’t involve D. No problem there. And I drove home a happy clam.

And after I got home I sent her a text–just making sure she was home safe. And she was there and we texted it up for a while, being all flirty and happy and she told me I was a good dancer (yeah, she must’ve been pretty drunk to think that) and we talked about meeting up on Sunday. And she asked “Don’t you have plans with your ‘friend’?” And I was smooth and said I’d rather spend time with her. Oh yeah–sober she would’ve thought that was cheesy–but drunk she loved it. Oh, and by the way dear reader, Afternoon Girl and I had already decided on meeting up on Monday instead of Sunday so I knew I wasn’t creating any chaos.

It was rough waking up early on Sunday. But the kids and I had a fun Father’s Day together. We played mini-golf and went to Taco Bell, oh yeah that’s getting to be a weekly thang. We hung out with my dad and brother for a while too. So that was a fun time. Afternoon Girl invited me to meet up with her and her sister at some club in Hartford that evening, but I knew I’d be too tired by then–in fact I decided to take a nap just to make it through the end of the afternoon.

Just around then I get a text message “What you doing later on?” Oh boy! Three days, three messages. Now, earlier in the day I had decided that I needed rest and I wasn’t going to do anything Sunday, regardless. But when it came down to it I realized that I had waited for eleven weeks for a second real date with JetBlue and I wasn’t going to say no to any offer. So, JetBlue and I went out for dinner and drinks out on the deck up on the hill. The weather was beautiful; the sunset gorgeous. And yet we both felt and looked like a couple of junkies hanging out at the bar at the methadone clinic. We were still exhausted from our late night Saturday. But it was a lovely time. Just not the most inspiring conversation ever heard. We talked about D. being an ass. We talked, yet again, about her guy who’s been blowing her off–you would think she’d save that conversation for another time–but she did add that she has a better time hanging out with me. So, it wasn’t entirely annoying. Just somewhat so. And anything else we talked about was nothing consequential. Really, not at all. But that’s okay. It was a nice, happy, quiet night. And I hope the start of at least occasional nice, happy, quiet nights together.


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