I’m in the Neighborhood

Little did I know when I finished my last blog entry this morning that an hour later I’d have something else to write about.

But, yes, around 10 o’clock this morning I got a call at work from JetBlue saying that she was in the neighborhood and would I like her to bring me a cup of coffee. I had had four cups already and was beyond buzzing with the caffeine so I said “Yes, that would be great.” Hell, yeah. Apparently, even after seeing me in action last night with Afternoon Girl, JB is still on the same course as this weekend. And let me tell you, I’m feeling more than just a caffeine buzz right now.

So, I got to spend an hour of a very un-busy morning chatting with JB, eating the muffin she brought for us and sipping on a coffee I really didn’t need. She admired my classroom, even though it’s even messier than usual, and we chatted away. I didn’t say it to her, because I didn’t want it to come out wrong, but it was the first time we’ve spent time together without alcohol being involved. And it was sweet.

How cool is that? After five months of patiently, okay and sometimes impatiently, waiting, JetBlue’s doing sweet little things for me and calling me daily and all that.

But, yes dear readers, I’m still guarding my heart. I don’t have any expectations for this all going my way, but it’s certainly a whole new and interesting ballgame.

Now to find out what this evening brings…


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