We Both Go Down Together

And while your head is spinning/Hold tight. It’s just beginning

Yes, the weather was beautiful yesterday. Combine that with a chance to pick up Afternoon Girl right after work and what do you have? That’s right–a long day hanging out at the bar. And nothing could have been more perfect. Although I wasn’t quite ready for the afternoon at the bar crowd, I figured I might want to check it out anyway. Not too much to say about it except that it was crowded with early diners and post-work drinkers. Teachers celebrating the last day of school? Very much a possibility. The only familiar bar face there was RM who, as usual, was ruling the room from the corner of the bar. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him, but, you know, I was under AG’s spell.

Both on the way there and at the bar we had some interesting discussions about relationships. She asked me about recent developments in the JetBlue saga and I found out more about the complex relationship dynamics that she maintains. We shared stories of jealousy and shared looks into our stored phone numbers. Sadly, I realized that a third of mine could easily be deleted at this point. Of course I won’t because who wants a list that only has ten numbers on it? She also brought up an interesting question–if she knows that there are things that I don’t write about in this blog about our time together, should she assume that I’m leaving details out about other people like JetBlue and K2? I never thought about that dynamic. It’s tough when one of the characters in your blog starts questioning the ethos of your writing.

Not much to report about the evening at the bar. It was quiet. Other than JetBlue’s somewhat unexpected entrance and the scary similarities between AG and D. not much to report. There was a brief yet bizarre scene outside involving two drunk guys (one of whom was hitting on AG), tattoos, and convincing them that she, the cook, and I were just partiers passing through town. I’m sure I’m forgetting other stories, but–hey–that’s how I roll.

And, as I sit here, it’s interesting to think of the time Afternoon Girl and I have spent together and all the complications that have ensued. Have we brought the complications and the drama? No, not at all. I’ve pretty much felt that the two of us have had very clear heads about what we are to each other, what our limitations are. We are both on the same page about what we expect, or more exactly, what we don’t expect of each other. And so far we’ve had nothing but really wonderful times together. AG brings me a lot of perceptive insights into people and a great sense of humor and some of the craziest stories you’d ever want to hear–not “scary” crazy, but rather “wish I had been there” crazy. And I think I bring her some of my own unique qualities.

No, the complications and the drama are coming from others. From little things like JetBlue breezing by us at the bar several times last night without even looking at me (and yes, she knew that I was going to be out with AG). To everyone else making comments when they find out about the differences in our ages. Yeah, folks, she’s in her twenties. So fucking what? We’ve both chosen to hang out together. She’s not a sweet innocent little girl that I’m leading astray. And I haven’t slipped her a mickey. And, believe me, she certainly isn’t after my vast wealth. But people’s attitudes are so extreme that her parents, for example, apparently would rather she hang out with someone on crack. So, anyway, I’ll try to keep my head above those waves. And I think that whatever else happens around us we’ll be able to keep interacting in our drama-free vacuum, letting it swirl around us any way it will. At any rate, it’ll be an interesting to see what happens next.

And O! My love! My love!/We both go down together.”


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