Holding Patterns

Current Music: Decemberists The Crane Wife

Current Mood: Insanely Fucking Bored, even though I have plenty of shit I could be doing.

Well, looking at the weather right now I’m not sure if golfing is going to happen tonight. But, who knows, it may clear up. Wait and see.

Last night JetBlue, for the first time, attended one of our sub-committee meetings. Luckily it was a cool meeting with the cool committee members there rather than the one last week when it was me and the not-so-cool (but dedicated so I’m not really complaining) people. Because, you know, being around cool people makes me seem cooler. At least in my mind. Heh. A decision was actually made last night–probably the earliest in the season that we’ve ever decided anything of any import. Then again, it’ll probably be reversed next week. Gonna have to wait and see now then aren’t we.

Afterwards a few of us went down to the bar. Not a very lively night there. But we bring our own good time. At least sort of. JetBlue was kind of quiet and though we talked a little bit, I wasn’t feeling a lot of enthusiasm oozing from her pores. Not sure why. But that’s okay.

As far as other people, the Jilted One was working; M. was in and out; and I did see that D.R. and his girlfriend are back together. There were coming in as I was stepping outside and I do believe a big, happy smile crossed my face. Good for you, kids. At any rate, at some point I noticed that Afternoon Girl had called. At first I was going to wait to respond to it until the bar part of the night was over, but, at the same time, I didn’t want to put her off because of the grief that she’s been getting–not to mention it was her first full day of work and I was looking forward to hearing her stories. Okay, anyway, so I saw JetBlue had a drink and a half in front of her so I slipped outside to call. I figured I’d have a little time while she chatted with the gang.

And I’m glad I did. Talking to AG always brightens my day, even if not all the topics are happy ones. And JB was of course one of the storylines we hit upon. But when I went back inside fifteen minutes later, JetBlue was standing, ready to go. Oh shite. Apparently she hadn’t been planning on drinking those drinks. So she commented on my being gone so long and, hey, I deserved it. But all I told her was that I had a phone call. Then she hugged me and was gone. So a couple of minutes later I sent her a text sort of apologizing. And when I left the bar I tried to call her–no answer.

So of course I was freaking out internally. “You blew it you moron” was the nicest thing I had to say about myself. But, anyway, I took the opportunity to call Afternoon Girl back and chat some more. At one point she offered to step back so that I could work on the JetBlue thang, but I don’t think that that is really necessary at this point–and with JB’s mercurial nature, who knows, it may never be. Again, though, another example of AG being so drama-free. Like I was getting at yesterday, between us everything is going ideally. Yes, it is what it is.

Anyway, none of this stopped me from still being pissed off at myself after I got home. JetBlue was still maintaining radio silence–is she asleep? is she upset? did she not get the message? So, after thinking it through for a while, I decided to send another message–I know, potentially pathetic–but this time I laid out the truth: ‘I hope you’re not upset I was gone so long. AG called and there were some things we needed to talk about.’ I figured, hey, she’s going to assume I’m on the phone with another woman anyway; I might as well just let her know exactly what was up. Like I said, I knew it was a bit of a gamble as to how it would come off, but–hey–I didn’t want to leave it the way it was. And she responded with a couple of messages–one saying that she had fun hanging out with me at work and one saying that she wasn’t upset but she was kind of waiting for me so she could say good night before leaving. So I think I survived that little fook up. Just gonna have to wait and see.


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