Stripper Astronaut

Well, as we approach the longest day of the year I’m noticing that more and more people are finding my little blog here via random internet searches. And, because I’m trying to avoid writing too much more about the changes going on in my “relationships”–mostly I don’t want to jinx myself–I’ll write instead about my favorite non-topic: funny internet search terms. Here are a few of them from the past two days:

refinding my life

sometimes when i look into your eyes isw

shut the front door

deal with setbacks in relationship

no setback will set me back

sometimes when i look in your eyes

percocet and tattoos

reykjavik bar tuesday night

long boring text

“shut the front door” phrases

smug people

I wish i could look in your eyes

So, yeah, there they are: two different “Shut the Front Door” searches–apparently that’s gaining in popularity as a catch phrase. And, yes, my favorite one of ALL time “percocet and tattoos.” Of course, “smug people” is a good one–you may remember me going off on that topic a short while ago.

But, one of them stands out–yeah–what the fuck is the deal with “long boring text”? Is google starting to judge blogs? I can just picture the search engine thinking to itself: “well, this person is looking for a long boring text. I know he’ll find a lot of those HERE.” And, boom, No Setback comes up at the top of the heap.

So, anyway, the title of this blog entry goes back to a conversation Afternoon Girl and I had. I don’t really remember too many details from it except that we both agreed that talking about strippers should generate some good, random traffic. And that’s what my ego is all about right now. Heh–oh yeah, and she also suggested that I mention myspace layouts. Where can I get free myspace layouts? I don’t really care but I figure that second mention of it will help me move up the search list. And of course, with the longest day of the year coming up, it’s a good idea to mention that. I learned that lesson from an old blog of mine.

So, there you have it, an entirely gratuitous blog entry. Later on I’ll give a mini life update, but, as I said, I’m worried about putting my feelings down at this point. No one wants to see my heart out there on the page right before it gets trampled on again.

Off to find coffee.


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