Too Tired to Think of a Title

Current Music: Haunt: As Blue as Your Dying Eyes 

Current Mood: Dragging My Ass Around

Well, I don’t have a lot of writing time today so I will cut to the chase–well, at least as much as I’m able to get to the point.

All I gotta do is dig a brighter hole… 

Okay, so the point is I don’t have much to write about. I went down to the “secret” bar. A few friends were there so it was cool. Afternoon Girl called shortly after I got there and we talked on the phone for, oh, about 45 minutes. At one point in the conversation I stepped back into the bar area to sip on my drink and R. said: “You’ve been on the phone forever, dude” and then someone else added “If she hasn’t answered the phone by now, give up.” Heh–that was pretty funny…at the time at least. Anyway, we had a really sweet talk–not that all of it was happy. It’s becoming clear that someone we know is pretty messed up. And that sucks because it’s the kind of messed up that’s really hard to help someone with. But, anyway, the rest of our conversation was sweet. (Yeah, I noticed that I’m using the word “sweet” too much). And I said I would try to call back, but, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Shortly after we got off the phone, JetBlue showed up. When she came in the door, both C. and R. looked right at me, as if on cue. So I was like “Why the fuck are you guys doing that?” And we had a laugh over their timing and their obviousness. “That ain’t gonna happen again.” I added. So, eventually, I went over to talk to her. I didn’t go right away because I could see from the look on her face that she wasn’t going to be much fun to hang with. I don’t know what was up with her, but luckily I’m used to her mood swings. This was not the same woman who visited me at work the other day.

But, anyway, as I promised her, I told her some of my stories. I opened with the woman who tried to push me down a flight of stairs because I didn’t want to spend the night with her. That’s a classic. And then I followed it up with what I called my most pathetic story of all. And, the funny thing is, I was a good few minutes into the story before she realized that I was talking about her and me. That was the funniest part of it all. And then she was like, I want to hear OTHER pathetic stories and I said: “That’s the best one I got.” And, yes dear readers, it clearly is.

Anyway, at some point her friend A. (formerly, but erroneously, referred to here as “#1 man”) showed up. But that was at the point in the evening when the Jagerbombs had taken control so I’m not really sure what we talked about. But, the sad truth is, there are times when I suspect that I’d rather hang out with him instead of JB. Heh.

So yeah, I’m happy to report that things are in the weeds at the moment–not unexpectedly though. I haven’t strung together three good days with her yet. That’s okay. I’m guessing that we’ll be going out to dinner either tonight or Sunday. So we’ll see where things go then.

But, the truth is, the only thing I’m looking forward to right now is the next chance I’ll have to see Afternoon Girl. She’s the one person that I’ve met recently that I actually get along with consistently. And that I can’t get enough of. It’s like living on a whole different level of life when we’re together. Because, believe me, there are nights when I’ve been hanging with JB when I’ve had enough of her long before closing time. So, to sum it all up: patiently awaiting a chance to meet up with AG. Looking forward to seeing the JB of Tuesday again. Oh, and, somewhere out there K2 is still lurking in my mind as only she can.


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