Quick Update

Well, I’ll have to sit down and write about Friday, Saturday, and I guess today at some point tomorrow. A couple of quick things though so I don’t forget them.

Let’s see, Friday night I got powerful drunk and got into an argument with JetBlue. That happened as she was leaving the bar. After that little flare up–let’s just say that I, um, implied that she was incapable of maintaining even a casual relationship and she, um, implied that I hung around with the wrong people. Or something not quite as nice as that.–I headed down to the secret bar to have a drink, in the hopes she would show up so I could apologize for my end of it–I am, if nothing else, a serial apologizer.

I had a beer there and didn’t see her at all and was going to leave when I saw her car outside. So I went back in and looked around and sure enough there she was sitting on a couch in the corner of the bar. And she was pretty well as bombed as I was. So I sat down and said I was sorry and we had a drink or two. There rest is a little foggy, but I think we did a pretty good job of apologizing and all. But, to be honest, the details are pretty foggy in my brain.

I spent most of Saturday with Padraig. We had a great day. Two quick highlights: We were playing ball at the local swim/tennis club at which he is a member and I didn’t want to run after him–I’m generally lazy as you may know–and he said: “C’mon dad, release your inner child!” Also, when we were having dinner he was flirting with the waitress. And, yes, as a seven year old he flirts much better than I ever could. At one point, he said something funny to her and when she walked away he said “Everyone loves the comedian.” I’ll have to try to remember some of his other quotes though. He was on a roll.

More soon.


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