More Odds and Ends

Well, I once again don’t have a lot of writing time, so here are a couple of quick things, again, before I forget them:

Talking on the phone…

 Me: One of these days we should go to the casino. Act like high rollers.

Afternoon Girl: If we’re gonna spend that kind of cash I’d rather go to a stripclub.

R. talking to Tattoo Guy…

R: I think I know him (referring to me) a little better than you do.

A few minutes later…

R (to me): So, Pete, you got any weed?

An insightful stranger…

Stranger (to me): I can tell that you’re not really a smoker.

And I can’t leave JetBlue out…

JetBlue: I asked you to tell me a pathetic story.

Me: It’s the most pathetic story I got.

JetBlue: I refuse to be YOUR pathetic story. That makes me completely pathetic. Change your story!

Me: I’m gonna need your help with that one.

And finally…

Well, I don’t have too much dialogue for this one, but on Saturday night D.R. passed out standing up at the bar. I knew he was in trouble when he walked up to me a few minutes earlier. You see, he tends to mumble when he’s drunk. When he’s a bit drunk his conversation sounds something like: “Hey Joe, how’s it goin, you know I mumble mumble that fuckin son of a bitch mumble fuck him mumble anyway mumble mumble mumble you can do that for me right? Now beat it!” But Saturday, all I got was “Hey Joe mumble mumble…” and then he just stood there staring into space. A few minutes later R. pointed out that he was standing there, asleep, drooling on himself. I believe you’ll be seeing that on YouTube at some point in time… (oh, and n.b., he was brought home shortly after that).

Anyway, off to have fun in the sun.


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