Perhaps I should rename this blog “Quick Updates” because it feels like that’s what I’ll be doing all summer long.

But here it goes–I went to the beach with the boys yesterday. Lots of fun, lots of sun. We had an interesting discussion about bikinis (note: it was G-rated and it wasn’t me that brought it up) and I caught Patrick checking a woman out while they were in the water. Okay, he may have been staring at her tattoo on her lower back, but, hey, he’s my son. that’s for sure.

And I was out at the bar for a little while. Not much going on. A few people were there for a bit but shortly after I got there it turned out to be myself, Tattoo Guy, JetBlue and one of her GFs hanging out at one end of the bar. I mostly talked to Tattoo Guy and purposely stood at the other end of the group. And it’s a message to her, in case you’re not really paying attention.

At one point she suggested that she and Tattoo Guy do something together for their birthdays which are a couple days apart (and that’s a message for me, in case you’re not really paying attention) and he said: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s bring J. along. He’s a cool guy.” Hehe–and she pretended not to hear and played around with her phone. And I noticed her ignoring it because I’ve seen her ignore things I’ve said in the past. Drop something into a conversation like “Hey, you should have us over to go swimming” and you can be sure that she’s suddenly busy with her phone or with something in her purse.

Other than that–it’s hot hot hot today. I’m supposed to golf tonight but I’m not sure if I have the energy. I know–sounds a bit ironic, not having the energy to golf. At any rate I’ll be spending the afternoon at the local swim/tennis club, hanging with the boys and, oh yeah, all the thirty-something moms. I love being a teacher.


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