In Your Face

The “In Your Face, Mothahfuckah” Award Goes To: JetBlue! Congratulations.

Remember, dear reader, just yesterday I was worrying that maybe JetBlue had some pent up resentment? But then I thought, maybe not. Well, last night she showed up down at the secret bar–where she knew I would be–with the asshole that she supposedly was totally over and done with. Oh yeah, in your face, J.! Yes, she so totally (and I might add passive-aggressively) got back at me. It was brilliant and well-executed. Now I think things can return to their normal fuckedupedness finally.

It’s of course funny, though, because things never work out perfectly for JetBlue. She was sitting around with the rest of us and she was all cuddly and shit with Mr. Asshole. Rye (a newish character here, but he previously appeared as a witness to JB and I ‘apologizing’ last week) came up and said “Wow, last time I saw you here you were making out with three guys!” And she was all like “Um, um, we were just dancing. J. was here. He can back me up.” Instead, of course, I said in the most unconvincing way possible “Oh, yeah, Yeah, just dancing. that’s right. That’s how I remember it too.” Snap! Another thing that made her whole appearance at the bar pretty damned humorous was that she has been with four of the six guys who were sitting around. Ha! And we’re not a pretty bunch. Just kidding, I can be pretty damned pretty. Just kidding again, I’m not what you would call “pretty.” But, anyway, that’s how things roll around here.

Anyway, I feel as if JB and I can move on to our regular course of ebbing and flowing. She’s gotten her payback. All should be cool. But, we’ll see. We shall certainly see.

And now I’m looking forward to a call later on from Afternoon Girl. I’m hoping we can hang out tomorrow. There will be fireworks and everything involved. I mean that literally of course…

 That’s all for now kids.


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