Suddenly Wonderful and Content?

Well, I warned you the posting would take a nosedive once summer arrived. Don’t get the mistaken notion that my life is suddenly wonderful and content.

 And yet, in many ways, I am. Although the JetBlue saga is currently back on the tarmac with the wings iced over and even though I’ve hardly even seen K2 lately–it’s tough for her to get around what with her banged up, uninsured car that’s been riding on a spare tire for months now off the road with mechanical problems–I’ve been having a good summer. In so many ways it’s been Afternoon Girl and our previously agreed upon dramafree, non-relationship that has been the best part of this early part of my summer. Though we see each other rarely, we do speak often and what more can I ask for? Although things didn’t work out for Saturday, we did get to hang out Sunday. Nothing like a pleasant evening at the bar. She got to meet R., although he seemed a bit shy around her. Some of the other usual suspects were there, but it was kind of a seedy mix. With Rye and Jay there things always seem on the edge of going wrong. Add in D.R. and lots of drinks and you have fireworks brewing. It was funny because everyone was steering away from us. I think they were giving me “date” distance; you know, so as not to scare her away. Hehe. Little do they know that she seems to thrive on their kind of behavior.

One person we did speak to was JetBlue who was making a rare Sunday evening appearance at the bar. So we talked ultra-briefly and introductions happened and then she headed away. Much better though than two weeks ago when she diverted her head away from us each time she walked by. Progress, I guess. Oh and as we were leaving the cook asked for a ride to his, um, “house” saying “Can you give me a ride to Main Street or maybe High Street near the library?” I said sure, because I’m nice like that, and was happy to even though I know he lives in West Side. Afternoon Girl seemed pretty cool with driving someone who was clearly out looking for, well, you know, the sort of things one goes downtown late at night to find.

The previous nights I had spent, for the most part, at the secret bar. On Saturday the Jilted One made a rare appearance down there. She sat down at my table and then looked at me and smirked: “Hey, you’ve been drinking around on me!” Hehe–slap, slap. On Saturday I also managed to score an invite to a cook-out Wednesday and golf on Sunday with C, who runs the bar. Snap! That’s a twofer. I’m sure there’s lots else but I don’t remember much else… 

Anyway, if I remember what I’ve forgotten I may just post it here. Or maybe not…that’s the way things go around here right about now. Looking forward to the cook-out tomorrow. Christ, I should bring my laptop and live-blog it. It should be a rich source of stories. Well shall see.


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