Dear No Setback,

A new feature…questions out of the readers mailbag:

Dear No Setback, if I accidentally injest ten or so fruit flies, is that dangerous to my health?

Apparently not. If you suffered a headache the next day though it could’ve been the wine that the fruit flies were in that caused that, but I doubt it was the fruit flies themselves.

Dear No Setback, I’ve pursued two different women at this local bar I go to. But this geeky guy with the glasses seems to be pursuing them too. They both seem to prefer me because I’m of course better looking than he and have a better job AND I ride a motorcycle and I’m more personable, but how do I deal with him?  

Fuck you. Oh, and buy me a drink.

Dear No Setback, I think it’s time to change the laundry.

That’s not a question, but thanks for the reminder.

Dear No Setback, how was your trip to the beach Sunday?

Good. Thanks for asking. I got some good sun and ate at A&W. Sweet! Oh, but then I had a 4 and a half hour car ride home in the pouring rain. Not so sweet.

Dear No Setback, you still haven’t written about the 4th of July. It’s now the 12th. What gives?

Me. I’m back to work, but there’s no long break for writing time. I’m still planning on catching you up so settle down, dude.

Until later, keep those cards and letters coming. 


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