Since I’m Not Writing

I know, I know, two weeks and few posts of note. I’m really hoping to have a (and I mean just one) rainy day soon so I can catch up. I’m beginning to forget the good shit. You know, like the night that I discovered that A. (formerly erroneously thought of as JetBlue’s #1 man) also has a thing for K2. Fuck. Damn you, A. Just when I knew that you had no interest in JetBlue I have to find this out?

And the night when A. and M. and JetBlue and K2 and myself were talking about getting some late night food and JetBlue just suddenly drove off to Chickerpee–as the rest of us were deciding to go home. Oh snap! That was the same night…

 Anyway, since I’m not blogging, here are some blog entries that I’ve liked lately from other, better bloggers:

Two old friends meet again

Charming but single always has something good

Lisa’s thinking about weddings

Ahhh, being passive-aggressive

and finally, Kris from “I’m not a girl, not yet a wino” with some powerful relationship stuff. 


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