The Toothbrush

As I think I’ve mentioned before, the Pharmacist (formerly known as R.) is a very sensitive guy. Certainly the most sensitive truck driver I’ve ever met. And he’s been having this thing with the bartender–in fact, I’m pretty sure it qualifies as a “JetBlue Relationship.”

Well, anyway, the other night he was going on about how he needed to confront her about an issue that was weighing heavy on his mind.

The Pharmacist: Dude, if she’s not seeing anyone else, why are there two toothbrushes in her bathroom?

Me: Well, there could be a lot of different reasons.

The Pharmacist: But, dude, should I confront her now about it? What should I do?

Me: You mean here at the bar?  About her toothbrushes?

The Pharmacist (laughing) : Okay, dude, I get your point.

Me: And don’t be confrontational. When you’re over at her place just ask her casually.

The Pharmacist: But how will I know if she’s telling the truth.

Me: Well…I don’t know.

The Pharmacist: I just wanna know about that toothbrush. It’s driving me mental.

A few seconds later, the crazy guy walks by mumbling something half to himself, half to the Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist: What’s that CG?

Me: He’s says it’s his toothbrush.

At that point the Pharmacist pretty much fell out of his chair laughing.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Just one of several scenes I don’t want to forget…


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