Okay, so I’m really sick today. I don’t know but being Catholic and all, I kind of believe that god’s punishing me for putting off my schoolwork until the last minute and having an enjoyable day yesterday. At any rate I have a bit of a fever and a sore throat and general malaise. Sucks.

Yesterday, I went up to Brattleboro (perhaps pictures will follow later) with Caseybug in search of the elusive DMN. We had made tentative plans with him but apparently they fell through–without him letting us in on that. That’s all cool though. We had a great day: ate at the best Thai restaurant evah (with the funniest waiter evah), went to a couple of bookstores, The Underground (no we weren’t looking for bongs or pipes), the CD place (I got me some Sigur Ros), and of course the coffee shop where we were supposed to meet DMN. All else I have to say is “O, Lorenzo!” Long story why, but it involves buying a book-lengthed poem written in the early 1800’s and doing a dramatic reading of it.

Like I said, it was a good day but now I’m sick and I’m totally struggling with getting my work done. But, nevertheless, I’m off to do some of it now.

Wish me luck.


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