What I Should Have Done

Well, last night I went out with Tattoo Guy. I thought that that meant it was going to be a crazy, ‘shoulda-went-to-Confession-before-my-imminent-demise’ kind of night. But, in fact, he was low key. I won’t go into the reasons why, but suffice to say he has a serious row to hoe.

Okay, I admit that that phrasing sounds funny, but it really isn’t meant to. Although, come to think of it, “hoe to row” on the other hand is frickin’ funny.

Anyway, he decided to go home around ten so we left the secret bar and I gave him a ride back up the hill. On the way back to his place I noted that perhaps I’ve been going out too much–I was just able to leave the bar without a thought of paying my tab. (Okay, I know I’ve been going out too much, but that’s still an interesting observation).

So, after dropping him off I called Afternoon Girl and we talked on the phone awhile–many happy moments right there. Then I headed back to the secret bar. It was a fairly quiet night. At one point it was down to myself and JetBlue and the owner and a very drunk guy who’s there a lot. The only conversation I really remember was one that the owner started with JB, inquiring if she ever was involved in a foursome. Yeah. Well, that was the level of discourse. Anyway, around one the owner decided to close–and that would’ve been a good time for me to head home–but as he started to pack up a new group of people arrived and the cycle started all over again.

The drunk guy, now even drunker, was being so stereotypical–dancing on tables, trying to do handstands, dancing like a doofus. If there were a lampshade, he woulda been wearing it.

There was also some woman there who kept borrowing cigarettes from me. And of course I kept letting her because she was being all flirty about it. Not that I suspected she was seriously flirting–I know the ‘I want one of your cigarettes, buddy, whoever the fuck you are’ type of flirting. Anyway, once she found out my last name, it set off some singing of some late sixties classic rock.

And then I saw my bar tab and I knew I had been there way, way, way too long. I’ll be collecting cans by the roadside today…

At any rate, that hour breezed by and the cigarette Borrower promised to buy me cigarettes “next time”–hehe, what fuckin’ next time? That’s one thing I don’t get: why be all insincere like that? I gave you cigarettes because I’m generally generous with them anyway–I wasn’t asking for any payback and I certainly don’t need vague promises. Just say thanks and go.


See you next time, Borrower.


One Response to “What I Should Have Done”

  1. ~A~ Says:

    🙂 Interesting evening.

    Hi Michele sent me.

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