First of all, I’m a little concerned: one of the searches that found my blog yesterday was “how to beat a CORI check.” WTF! Here’s to hoping that they didn’t find what they were looking for.

 And, I know, I know, there have been so many gaps in my writing lately. I’m not even sure where to try to fill in.

 Let’s see–the Borrower from last week keeps popping up. She came down to the secret bar with Crazy Artist Guy (go figure there, guess I’m not too old, hehe). And then last night I saw her at another bar, one I don’t often frequent, and she made sure I noticed her and then gave me a big smile. I’ll take that.

On Thursday I made plans to go to dinner Friday with a bunch of friends–but then totally forgot about it and blew them off. And someone else was buying! D’oh!

I saw Afternoon Girl the other day. We had ourselves a little picnic which was sweet. She always energizes my day. Damn, I wish I could clone her. I’d create an army of AGs to spread the message of ‘no to drama’ ‘yes to being free’ all over. It would work for me. One of them could stay here while the others go off traveling the country, doing the AG thing. So, AG. I’m requesting you look into the cloning thing. I think that you solve your problems and mine. Hehe.

Anyway, dear readers, gotta go and enjoy the sunshine.


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