Tuesdays are Good

Well, dear readers, I’m still in that “it’s summer and I really don’t feel like sitting at a computer” mode (a.k.a. ISAIRDFLSAAC). But here are a few brief updates:

Yesterday afternoon I headed out with Tattoo Guy, who’s just returned from three days in the hospital. But he was on a mission and I was only too happy to help him out. We were at the bar when JetBlue showed up. She came over to the table we were at after Tattoo Guy yelled out her name several times. She made a few crabby-style statements when she was talking to TG and myself and then went off to get a drink.

TG: Why is she being so crabby?

Me: Dude, she’s like that a lot when she’s sober. Let her have a couple of drinks before you try to talk to her. 

And then she went and sat at the bar alone rather than coming back to talk to us. Let me tell ya, Tattoo Guy was insulted. Oh, he was pissed too. I tried to explain to him that that’s how things fly with JetBlue, but I’m sure he’s going to give her shit the next time he sees her.

Anyway, TG went home early–he’s still not feeling all that great–and I eventually headed back out to the bar. K2 has appeared back on the scene–she even has her car back. Her latest thing is a hurt knee, necessitating a brace of some kind. I haven’t asked her where the injury came from, but I’ll bet it’s a good story. She of course did her usual thing with me–one minute a bit flirty, the next totally ignoring me and making me feel awkward. Oh well, I’m used to the craziness.

The Jilted One was there as well. It seems that adding a -y to my first name has become a permanent thing with her. Hey, I’m desperate for attention these days so I’ll let little things like that go on. The other night she banged up her car. As she put it, she misjudged how far away the woods were and she failed to apply her brake in time. Ooops.

D. was there. Lately he’s been taking a lot of grief from people. But, hey, he’s bringing it on–what with the arm wrestling some guy on a table during dinner time and all. And I missed a late call from Afternoon Girl. I was home where my phone gets poor reception and all. I stupidly drove back out to try to call her back. This is unfortunate because at the moment I have no idea if I left her a message or what I even said in it if I did.  I hope AG can be forgiving of my drunken messages. But, anyway, lately we haven’t talked nearly as much on the phone. On the one hand it’s better phone bill wise; but on the other I secretly fear that I said or did something a while ago to push her away just a little bit. Maybe I should stop discussing eloping to Las Vegas.

Just kidding about that last part.

So, anyway, I’m looking forward to a good evening tonight. The Jilted One is bartending–which implies that winning combination of poor service and free drinks–and I’m pretty sure that K2 will come for an extended stay, because they’re friends. It also means that Tattoo Guy will want to be out–the Jilted One owes him some money. D. will probably also be there. Well, just because he often is. And JetBlue will probably be anchoring the place from 5 o’clock on. Tuesdays are good. Tuesday’s breed stories out of our intersecting lives.


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