Oh, and I Saw a Bear

Well, last night certainly wasn’t boring.

Let’s see. Happy me: I talked to Afternoon Girl last night and set up an evening of dinner and drinks for tonight. That was a pleasant surprise. Her even-keeledness with everything that she’s going through amazes me. Hell, she even puts up with my wackiness. At any rate, we had a nice conversation, which dear readers you know I’ve been missing as of late, and some good laughs as well as some serious, thoughtful moments. Good stuff.

Not so happy me: okay, secondly, Tattoo Guy called me as I was on the phone with AG, needing a ride to the hospital. So that put a little bit of panic into my night. I can’t imagine going through what he is. Good luck there.

Oh, and I saw a bear. I was driving down my street and noticed it, oh, about a hundred feet ahead of me as it jogged from our front yard into the woods across the street. Yeah, I said front yard.

I spent some time talking to K2 and some other friends. That was nice and included this typical exchange:

Me: What happened to your knee?

K2: Oh, I was at the beach.

Hah! Thanks for the info. Trouble is, I think she thought she had explained it well.

JetBlue had spent the first three hours of the evening talking to some guy I hadn’t seen before. And the sad thing is, I think he thought he was going to get lucky. But I could see from across the bar that she was in non-stop chatter mode, which precludes her from recognizing that the person she is with is getting a whole different set of signals than what she intends. Or at least the mode in which she doesn’t care that the other person is only there for one reason: a captive audience is a captive audience.

At any rate, she finally said good night to the poor suck and then did her “pretend I’m leaving too” thing and then circled back around and sat next to me. No, JetBlue, I’m enjoying talking to these other women, why now? At any rate, we chatted for an hour or so. I enjoyed a few White Russians along the way. The Jilted One makes an awful special White Russian that involves a pint glass and pouring extra Kahlua on top of the finished drink. Priceless.

So, that’s that. Did I mention that I saw a bear?


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