Hanging out with Afternoon Girl is becoming a bittersweet joy. On the one hand we have “the best time evah” whenever we hang out; on the other, she’ll be moving away forever in just another week or two. The story of my life at the moment, wha.

Last night we hung out at the bar with Tattoo Guy. And it turned out to be fun. There were a few awkward, quiet moments thrown in. It seems that everyone restrains their regular behavior a bit when someone new is thrown into the group. But overall it was fun. At one point early in the evening, AG and I were outside talking about how quiet and distant Tattoo Guy was being. I mean, I know he’s not feeling well and all, but, anyway…

I’m realizing that I’m a little too tired to write something brilliant right now but I’m going to press on with this…

But anyway, JetBlue showed up with a friend of hers. It’s funny, because in the matter of a week or two, Tattoo Guy has gone from being interested in her to finding her totally obnoxious. I guess he learns quicker than some of us. At any rate, when JB and her friend came in, it turned out that he was sitting on one side of them while AG and I were on the other. 

So, anyway, as you might expect the conversation turned to egg and sperm donations (doesn’t it always?) and suddenly TG got up and said to me “We’re going outside.” While out there he totally went off on JB’s inaneness and her grating voice (really, she’s not as bad as she was showing last night, but anyway…) and he decided he was going to sit near AG and I.

And I think that pretty much saved the evening. Forced out of his original seat by their banter, he actually had the chance to get to know the super awesome force that is Afternoon Girl. And, also funny to me, later on AG asked me if I had told Tattoo Guy to come over and stop being so quiet. But, no. He did that himself to save his ass from being on the farside of a dull conversation.

Oh, and to set the record straight: the current White Russian craze that’s spreading through the bar? That’s all Afternoon Girl’s doing. She had a couple weeks ago and then I started having them as a suppliment to my usual Heineken’s. Then one night when I was having them, Tattoo Guy and D. had one. And then last night, AG and I started into them, followed closely by TG and JB and her friend. And the good thing is that when the Jilted One is working, you know you’re getting your money’s worth in alcohol. Maybe not your money’s worth in milk, but, hey, what can ya do there?

The only slight disappointment of the evening was that K2’s car was in the parking lot when we got there (after picking up Tattoo Guy) but K2 wasn’t. I’m pretty sure I know where she was, but anyway, I had hoped that AG would have a chance to meet her. She’s pretty good at assessing people for me. I remember her giving JetBlue a pretty solid thumbs down right after meeting her for the first time.

But anyway, we eventually went off into the good night. D. had shown up at the bar and AG couldn’t resist throwing in a little random open flirting with him. But that’s okay, dear readers, it’s all part of the AG show. You know, like when we gave D. a big wave on the way out and then she grabbed my ass like she was a longshoreman sizing up his drunken catch. mmm hmm.

At some point I need to sit down and write, really write, about the phenomenon known as Afternoon Girl. I need to think about what I’d like to write more than I have. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really gotten across how much unique fun and joy she’s brought to my little life. That and all the super awesome friendship that we’ve got brewing.

But, anyway, that’s all I got for now. I’ll be sitting by the pool if you need to reach me.


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