Life-sized Demons, Karaoke, and a Big Bag of Ice

So, let’s see…yesterday I had a long day with the kids. We did all those typical things that we do: batting cages, visiting grandpa, going to the pool club, playing video games. Then there was football practice and a second trip to the club so D^ could cool off and Padraig could play with friends.

Anyway, after I dropped them off I headed down to the secret bar. The regular cast of characters were there including a tired-looking JetBlue sitting alone at the bar. I went inside to order a drink and stood next to her and said hi and all that.

JetBlue: Guess who called me today after nearly a month of ignoring me? I didn’t call back though. Can you believe the nerve of him?

Hehe, in case, dear reader, you haven’t been following the storyline: JetBlue is hung up on this guy (who everyone else thinks is a jerk, etc.) who keeps stringing her along. And she wonders why he strings her along? Um, maybe because you let him.

Anyway, I wasn’t buying into the ‘sit at the bar and listen to other guy’ stories ad nauseum so said something like “Oh, well, what can ya do?” and went outside. I was pretty tired after my busy day so I pretty much just hung out listening to a variety of conversations: witty banter between two businessmen about cardboard; the woman who has a life-sized demon at home that she takes out for drives sometimes; the drunken conversation that made no sense; and then the Pharmacist and his girlfriend and her friend talking about karaoke…

Which led to a brief, somewhat amusing trip upstairs to where the karaoke in question was happening. Um, happening is probably not a good word because the only two people (yes, the only two!) in the bar were the bartender and the DJ. Sucky night to be bartending up there apparently–and what was worse was we brought our drinks from down below. Anyway, the girls sang a couple of songs and the Pharmacist dared me to do a duet with him, but I passed. If I were drunker AND the bartender and the DJ were out of the room then, maybe, just maybe.

So, we headed back downstairs shortly thereafter and settled back into the quiet life. the Pharmacist’s friends kept telling him he looked fucked up and I joined in the fun. The Pharmicist is so sensitive and paranoid that you can make an evening of entertainment out of pretending he looks messed up.

Anyway, they eventually left and I helped bring in the furniture. JetBlue had fallen asleep on the couch. The poker game was starting to wrap up.

Fell asleep on the couch? Wha!?

Me (to bartender): That can’t be good for business.

Bartender: Sleeping like a baby. And she only had one drink.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that she mentioned that she had been out drinking Sangria somewhere. A night of red wine will make you sleepy. Not that personally I’d be comfortable falling asleep in a bar, but, hey, all god’s critters got a place in the choir.

I suggested to the bartender that they just close up and leave her there. She could be their first customer tomorrow.

As they were contemplating whether or not to do that she woke up though and headed home. I headed out shortly after that. Not much else to say about last night except I had a brief phone conversation–well, two brief ones–with Afternoon Girl, but she was kinda sleepy and distracted so not much to say there.

Oh, last thing. After a long late night out I had to give my brother a ride to work because his car was going into the shop. At 5 A-fuckin-M. If you are one of the Unfortunates–people who drink until two and then have somewhere to be at, say, 5–you know what that was like: wearing last night’s clothes, smelling like fuckin’ Red Bull and smoke, and the car…well, I’m thinking the car smelled like a brothel–a mix of every conceivable smell, none of them unpleasant in and of themselves, that together seem more decadent than Berlin in the 20s. Anyway, as I drove to pick up my brother, the windows were down to soften the concern that my own private little Cabaret might cause him. Anyway, I was home by 6 and I crawled back into bed for another four hours. mmm hmm.

And then I had a dream, the only part of which I remember is that a friend of mine and I were hanging out on the X’s lawn. And it seemed like we were meant to be there. And the X showed up crying and got out of a car carrying a big bag of ice. Ice! Oh, and she had pigtails. Not sure where that came from either. It’s weird, because I haven’t had a dream (that I remember) featuring her since the one in which I lived in her house, but she didn’t. I think I’ll leave it at that. I’ve had plenty of other weird dreams featuring people around me lately. And I don’t want this to become the dream blog.

Okay, I’ve wasted enough of your time. See ya! 


One Response to “Life-sized Demons, Karaoke, and a Big Bag of Ice”

  1. Karen Says:

    Wow, that was quite a night! Mine are much quieter these days. I’d be the one falling asleep on everyone! Oh well – whatever floats your boat!

    Michele sent me. Hope you’re having a great day!

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