Nothing Much

Well, not much time to do an update but I’ll let you know that the past two nights I’ve had perfect opportunities to talk to K2 and managed to blow both of them. Way to go!

Let’s see, what else? Oh, Afternoon Girl has suddenly disappeared from my planet. I have no idea what’s she been up to the last four days, though I did get a smiley face icon for a text message this morning. At least I can stop worrying that I did something to scare her completely away. Partially away? yes. Completely? Not yet. 

Oh, and I golfed on Sunday with some of the crew from the secret bar. It was a nice afternoon AND I played well. Can’t ask for more than that. I had a birdie putt on the first hole and managed to four putt my way to a double bogey.

And, I’m off to go to the pool with the boys. It’s kind of a cool day for swimming but it’s perfect for watching the river flow. I finished reading Harry Potter, so go ahead and try to spoil it for me spoilers! And I’m in the home stretch on Belly of Paris. What to read next?

Sorry to be so brief, but at least I cared enough to write something!!


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