Text Message

 I started this entry Friday morning. Just finishing it now. I won’t include the Friday evening update because I’m still swimming in the awesomeness of it all and I don’t want to tell you about it yet.

 Anyway, a few quick updates for you: well, last night Afternoon Girl read my blog and informed that I needed to update it. So, I will say that I spoke to her Tuesday night and we made plans to see each other on Wednesday. On Tuesday I also had a nice, long conversation with K2. It was nice to get to know her a little better. One thing I discovered (maybe I already knew this) is that she has an amazing memory. If she starts a story that she’s told in front of me before she always catches herself. Even if I was one of ten people she was telling it to. This is a wonderful contrast to JetBlue who constantly retells me the same stories. Constantly. (I feel like I wrote this paragraph a couple of weeks ago…did I just Jetblue it?)

Anyway…Unfortunately, the juxtaposition of 1) my frustrations with the difficulties that AG and I have had in getting time together; 2) the conversation with K2, during part of which we both spilled about frustrating relationships, 3) too many White Russians and Heinekens and 4) AG’s newly turned on text messaging, led to me writing a poorly worded drunken text message to AG at like 2 in the morning.

The attempted jist of it was that I felt like I was the only one frustrated by our difficulties. And sober me knows better than to think that (and knows better ways to have written it), but, you know, I move in mysterious ways sometimes. What basically happened was that I forgot that AG is so even-keeled and drama-free that she doesn’t necessarily express those frustrations overtly. She just takes life as it comes.

And, so, the short time we had on Wednesday was spent, in part, with me profusely apologizing like the profuse apologizer that I am. Thank you for being so forgiving, AG. We also spent part of the time talking about the various men in her life. (I’ve already nicknamed one of them Voldemort because every time she mentions his name I imagine the scare on my forehead is burning).I asked her to make me a chart so that when she talks about one of them I know the level of seriousness and type of involvement.  It’s hard to follow the game without a scorecard you know. In the past she also talked about starting an AG blog. That would be something to read!

So, anyway, we had a long phone conversation last night. It was nice and made me nostalgic for early summer when I was racking up a nasty phone bill. And, better yet, we’re hanging out tonight for a last hurrah. If we don’t get arrested, I’m not doing something right.

Um, just kidding.

And, finally, that leads me to my final bit: text messages and what they say about someone…

Afternoon Girl Knows What She Wants and Knows How to Get It: “Ur pickn’ me up fri from work at 6…dont text back, call insted.”

JetBlue Is Out of Control: “Yes, I fell asleep in my car in the stop n shop parking lot..haha”

Tattoo Guy Being the Comic Bad Ass: “You fuckin better, bitch.”


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