Well, dear readers, I got to chat a little bit with Afternoon Girl this morning over good ol’ Myspace. And it was nice to be in touch. I admitted to her that the transition’s been difficult for me. And that’s one good thing about our super awesome friendship is that I feel we can be open about stuff like that. Just keep everything out there on the table. But still, I know it’s going to be a tough couple of/few weeks for me to try to get that sense of separation. 1107 miles of it according to Mapquest…

So, anyway, I’m still trying to figure out in my head what’s “normal” for us. What will the coming months look like? The fact that I have no idea kind of bothers me, but maybe I should look at it as yet another wonderfilled adventure in our SAF (“Super Awesome Friendship” in case you haven’t been paying attention.).

So that’s that. It is what it is.


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