Too Attached

Well, dear readers, I do owe you a lot of updating.

On Friday Afternoon Girl and I had our last hurrah. It didn’t all go according to plan but it was a nice, sweet evening. Yeah, really sweet in every way you can imagine.

But now I’m left here all alone trying to tone down the emotions of the summer. And I’ve been having trouble with that. When the summer started I thought that I could be all level-headed and bring my mind back to where we were back in–I guess it was May–easily when she departed. But, no, so far it’s been really tough on me.

I know that earlier this summer she warned me not to get too attached, but here I am, feeling that attachment that I shouldn’t feel. I wanted to talk to her about it tonight but I haven’t had a chance to talk.  I did get a chance to talk to her last night but it was a whole different AG I was talking to. I could hear in her voice a definite distance that I’d hadn’t heard all summer.

So, here I am.

I had a summer girlfriend and now she’s gone. I’ve tried to reach out to her but she’s beyond my pale. But that’s okay, because I’ll move on.

In fact, Sunday night there was a woman at the bar whom I’ve met briefly once before…and she bought me a drink. C. is very cool, very much a teacher like me. Unfortunately, I got involved in a drunken discussion about city politics and C. left before I could thank her for the drink. A lost opportunity I’m sure. I’m just wondering when I can make amends for that.

Well, good night dear readers.


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