Near Misses

First a quick scene from last night:

I showed up at the secret bar and the owner came over to me with a serious look on his face…”Hey, Joey-Bagga-Donuts, I got a problem wit’ you. The river’s a little low right now and the last body you dumped down there, well his head is stickin’ up. Take care of it, why don’tcha. It’s not good for business, if you know what I mean.”

Yes, dear readers, it’s always fun to be in a pretend Sopranos episode. I assured him that I would take care of the issue and went to order a drink.

So, anyway, here are some updates for you:

C., the teacher person I met, should now be filed as a no-go until further notice. I wasn’t mesmerized by her or anything so I’m not expending any real energy “chasing” her down.

JetBlue should now be categorized as strictly a friend. We’ve pretty much both come to that conclusion finally…although I guess you can’t totally count out drunken hook-ups.

New on the scene are Myspace chick and Co-worker lady (better names to follow). Myspace chick is a local woman, just a little younger than I and she found me on the ol’ Myspace. At first when I received the friend request I assumed it was one of those “see more pics of me here, wink wink, porn” spams, but luckily I took a closer look. Right now we’re just at a couple of emails back and forth, but who knows.

Co-worker lady is, on the other hand, just a crush of mine. She has a boyfriend and all, but, who knows, people break up sometimes. I know that much. Anyway, she’s really cool and sweet and we get to eat lunch together everyday. Woot.

Afternoon Girl. Well, I’m still in touch with her, but just barely. She hasn’t called me in two weeks and hasn’t returned my last couple of calls. We have been in email touch, but there’s a definite distance that she’s put between us. And not just the 1100 or so miles between here and the Windy City or the Twin City or the Gateway City or whatever her damned city is called. But, that’s okay. Not to quote Morrissey on your asses so early in the morning but “everybody’s got to live their life and lord knows I’ve got to live mine.”

Let’s see, who else. Oh, K2 continues to dwell in that region where I find her fascinating and beautiful and alluring, but the reality is I wouldn’t want to try to actually date her. Just way too much going on in her life. But I will say that she continues to amaze me with her ability to abuse her mind and body in all sorts of ways and yet she maintains the most amazing memory that I’ve ever seen. She reminded me the other night that she owed me $3 from a month ago (I had given to her without even thinking it would even be mentioned again, let alone repaid). Then she reminded me of another conversation we had a month or two ago. Amazing. So, I guess she remembers that I asked her out the very first time we met. That’s the down side of a memory like that, hehe.

So, that’s about it for now. But we’ll see what the weekend brings our way.


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