Ebb and Flow, the Director’s Cut

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, both JetBlue and myself have come to the absolute understanding that we’re just friends. Just two people who have a bit in common and who are both kinda drifting through our lives at the moment.

That is, except for the fact that since I’ve backed way off any ideas of being all romantical (nice word, eh?) with her, I’ve been seeing her get closer and closer. And, hey, maybe it’s out of friendship, but I suspect the ol’ ebb and flow is back at work.

Let’s see…On Friday she showed me the latest damage to her car and we hung out together for a while at the secret bar. She told me that she had to go the next day to buy a new car. Then on Saturday she asked me if I was free to go out with her and look for cars! Alas I didn’t have enough free time to do that (and besides, anyone who knows me and buying cars knows that I’m not a good wheeler and dealer). But then I spent much of the afternoon answering her text messages. “What about a lease?” “I don’t understnad all these numbers he’s throwing at me. Help!” etc. Then she came down to the secret bar that night and we hung out again. Including a stint outside after hours.

On Monday we had a meeting together and again found ourselves out at a bar afterwards–with a couple other people–but she was being real friendly. For myself, I kept “backed off” throughout the night. Then, goddammit, on Tuesday she started texting back and forth again and called me twice! This from the woman who used to routinely ignore any texts I had sent. In one of my responses I had told her that Tattoo Guy and I were at the bar and suggested she stop down–in the past this was the most frequently ignored sort of text–and she called, CALLED, first just to tell me that she was going out with her mother for a while but she might stop out later. And then she called a second time to say that she wasn’t coming out because had been pulled over by the police for her lack of a registration sticker on her car (apparently the officer didn’t notice her out-of-date inspection sticker as well). And then told me that when she gets her new car today she’ll take me for a ride in it!

What is up?

But, don’t worry. Until she is begging (okay, even just plain old asking) for a real date, I’m not budging. Hey, if nothing else, this ebb on my side is keeping her close. And right now that isn’t feeling like a bad thing.


2 Responses to “Ebb and Flow, the Director’s Cut”

  1. BreadBox Says:

    Ah, the old ebb and flow of let’s be friends… good luck with that!

    Michele sent me to say hi

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I think shes into you 🙂 Michele sent me

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