Just Wednesday

So, dear readers, last night I golfed. Although our league is officially done, we still head out there each Wednesday. Last night, though, since I was the last to arrive I had no fellow league members to golf with. As luck would have it though, one of my barfriends, D.R.–who I think I’ll start to call ‘The Gangster’ based on a comment made by a colleague of mine about him–showed up with a friend of his so we three golfed together. And an interesting time it was.

Both of them spoke passionately about the need to keep score–which I was doing for myself anyway–so they could determine who had “bragging rights” at the end. That’s all well and good, but it became hilarious after the first hole. The Gangster hit a good drive, but then hit his second, third and fourth shots directly into a stream. He then picked up his ball and moved it the seventy or so yards to the hole, putting it down on the fringe. He then chipped and putted. And without out a hint of irony turned to me and said: “I got a five.” His buddy didn’t seem to mind, so that’s what I gave him. (For non-golfers, I’m thinking there’s seven strokes there–eleven if you’re counting the penalty strokes) As the round went on, it became clear that they were both shaving strokes. Their implicit agreement seemed to be: I’ll count the shots I’m happy with. The rest are all practice.

One other thing became clear during the round as well. On the third hole the Gangster says to his friend: “I don’t think I should’ve taken that last ‘bean’. My legs are getting rubbery.” And it was then that I noticed that his friend was a bit glassy-eyed himself. The friend for his part couldn’t put his finger on the reason his drives were all slicing. And yet it was pretty clear to me: umm, maybe the painkillers are, perhaps, shall we say, interferring with your swing mechanics? Just maybe? Hmmm…

All and all it was fun though. As the Gangster told me, he learned right away that you shouldn’t golf if you’re ever going to get tense when you play. Just enjoy it. And I did notice that neither of them had a care in the world out there on the course. I suppose though that that’s easy to do if you’re all perked up and you’re only counting about two-thirds of your strokes.

Ahh, I (heart) golf.

Afterwards I stopped down the bar for a short while, mostly because I knew JetBlue was going to be there with her new vehicle. We hung out a while and then she took me on the briefest test drive ever. But it was fun.

Not much else to say. Well I have one other story, but I’ll either save it for later or totally forget to write about it here…

See ya.


5 Responses to “Just Wednesday”

  1. Mike Davis Says:

    Sounds like a lot of effort, to me!!!

    Here from Michele’s

  2. BreadBox Says:

    Ah, golf. I played golf a few times, twenty-ish years ago!
    Wasn’t very good, and the greens where I played were browns.
    The fairways weren’t and the rough was *really* rough!

    Michele sent me today,

  3. Poor Golfer Says:

    last night u glfed?
    why i night buddy/
    i think you must try at day ,. it will be better . . .

  4. panthergirl Says:

    Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever been here before!

    I heart golf too… but I don’t heart the Red Sox! LOL

    I started playing about two years ago and I’m hooked. Love, love, love it. Finally broke 100 this year, so I’ve got a ways to go…

  5. panthergirl Says:

    OH…. and I’m here via michele!

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