Something strange was in the air Friday night. After an afternoon with my colleagues–hoping I can write more about that later–and some time listening to reggae at the bar, I headed down to the secret bar. C.’s brother in law was there getting as drunk as he could–his wife was away. The bartender was moping due to her recent break-up, and Rye, CJ, and TP showed up with CJ’s girlfriend. Oh, did I mention that T. picked up CJ’s girlfriend last week? Yeah, she neglected to tell him that she was already dating one of his best friends. So, that was tense. Especially after she told CJ that the seat next to her was saved for T. You can’t make this shit up.

So, CJ tosses T.’s beer over the hedge–hitting his own car with it. And goes fairly ballistic, pretty much telling the GF to leave. Which she did. Then the three guys get into this argument back and forth that seemed on the verge of a real fight several times. And each time the fireworks calmed down, one of them would feel the need to stoke the flames and get it going again. Eventually it fizzled out, or at least they did. Meanwhile, the brother-in-law kept disappearing–we’re assuming to go puke–and the night wore on. I was feeling left out–I wasn’t angry with anyone; I wasn’t sad; I wasn’t dead drunk.

Ahh, yes, love will tear us apart.

So on Saturday night I headed out to a party for one of the bartenders getting married. It was a great time though Ididn’t win the raffle for the Red Sox tickets. In addition to the free beer that one expects at such soirees, they also had an ice sculpture that served vodka drinks. Very nice. Oh, and though I missed it, they also brought out a stripper poll and gave out awards to the best pole dancers. Yes, we all know I would’ve won if I had stayed.

Instead I went down to the secret bar for an hour or so. There’s a new Saturday night bartender there and she is way too cute. And she’s even pretty close to me in age–I know, a rarity for me. Anyway, I left there around one and headed up the hill. I figured it would be about the time that all the bartender party partiers would be arriving and I was right. The place was packed. All the gang was there, including JetBlue and K2 and the Jilted One.

Though down at the party we hung out for a while, JetBlue was pretty much ignoring me, which was fine, there were plenty of other people to hang out with. K2, who pretty much ignored me at the party, was in a friendly mood though and gave me a couple of hugs and reminded me again that she owes me a few dollars. I may never see that money but at least I know that she’ll never forget about it.

At any rate, the night wore on and at 2 AM people were being dispersed from the bar. Usually, once the amateurs are gone, there are three or four people loeft to “help clean up” but that night there were ten or fifteen. We eventually filtered outside where another twenty or so people were already hanging out. A few minutes later it was clear why so many people had remained:


Oh, and not just some bottle rockets or sparklers. I mean two big pallets filled with the sort of fireworks you see a town put on for the 4th of July. The fifteen minute display–which had to cost well over a thousand dollars–was brilliant. The two best parts? First, the debris–smoky ashes and the cases from the fireworks–rained down on our heads. I’m surprised no one was singed. And, second, the number of people who, as they looked up in the sky, would have to back peddle a bit to keep their balance. A classic tipsy moment.

Well, what with the 2:30 AM display, a few neighbors must have called the police. They arrived at the end of the display with that classic “What the fuck?” looks on their faces. Not surprisingly though, the off-duty officers in the crowd smoothed things over with their buddies and the excitement was done.


5 Responses to “Fireworks”

  1. Karen Says:

    Relationships are funny, aren’t they?! Sounds like a pretty exciting night.

    Michele sent me. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. craziequeen Says:

    Hi Joe.

    Michele sent me this way again, to see how you are 🙂

    Fireworks mostly are good – fireworks at 2.30am are not so good…….

    oh, and sometimes I am so glad I’m well out of the dating game!!


  3. colleen Says:

    Did you take a nap after all this? How are the Red Sox doing? Michele and I want to know.

  4. Indigo Says:

    Hello, Michele sent me. Have a great weekend!

  5. Mr. Althouse Says:

    Sounds like way too much fun… and drama. Ah, yes – the good ole days!

    Michele sent me,


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