So, what to tell you…I haven’t seen JetBlue around lately, so I’m guessing she either: 1) found a new man; 2) is back with the old asshole; or 3) found a new place to drink. I know I still haven’t told you about the K2 vs. JetBlue incident yet, but I’m guessing that, because of that, #3 is the most likely scenario.

Speaking of K2, I’ve seen her around quite a bit lately. Not that that has brought us any closer. We did pose for a picture together along with another person and she put her head on my shoulder for the shot. Hey–I take what little affection is offered me nowadays.

Tonight, the Jilted One begins a new job in an out-of-town bar. I believe I may be part of the bar field trip that goes down to visit her on her first night of work. And considering 1) her heavy hand with the drinks; 2) her tendancy to under-charge her friends; and 3) our usual bar behavior, it may well be her only night there.

Meanwhile, I’m still sporting a mad crush on the Cute Unavailable New Teacher, but that’s just to pass the time. On Sunday I am planning a nice daytrip to Vermont with someone. Should be sweet. But don’t expect to hear much about all that–anytime I even mention a relationship (or possible one) here, it always tanks.

Oh shit, I kinda just mentioned it, didn’t I?


2 Responses to “Quickie”

  1. Mike Davis Says:

    A bar field trip? Sounds like a great idea!

    Here from Michele’s.

  2. Mr. Althouse Says:

    Nothing like a little drama to add the spice to life, eh? I must have missed the bar field trip in school… dammit!

    Michele sent me,


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