Da Bears

In Wilmington–which is a cute little town with lots of shops, and as I discovered, lots of darkish bars where one could spend one’s whole day rather than enjoying the beauty of walking around–the painted bears filled the streets and the shops. If you’re looking for some bear action, though, I should point out that they’ll be gone by this coming weekend…

And, yes, close up these cute creatures can be quite scary. Speaking of scary, how many pictures of these damned bears did we manage to take? Lots and lots and lots, I can assure you…

And one more small bear before I leave you. Is he missing a chunk of ear you ask? Damn, I forgot to check…Oh, and in case your wondering, this bear was up for auction and was going for something like $500. We met another bear who hadn’t been bid on at all and, in the craziness of the moment considered putting in a $50 bid. Luckily, though, we remembered how hard it is to scrape together that much money all at once without resorting to selling prescription drugs to beanheads out in the streets of Newfane or Dover or something…


More Vermont later!


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