I’m Not Sure

I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to sum up this past weekend. So let me start with one crazy thing…

Okay, so, some time ago I asked Tattoo Guy to put in a good word for me with K2. You know, I’m super shy and I figure any help I can get will, you know, help. And, since they talk on the phone a lot–an example of the law of supply and demand in action–I figured he’d throw in some name dropping.

But at the moment I’m not sure what happened. I only can say is that I feel like I’m going to find out tonight that he went a bit overboard. You see, I dropped him off last night at the Jilted One’s house (where K2 and some others were hanging out) and he was drunk. Tattoo Guy is a lot different drunk than sober and I hadn’t really intended drunk Tattoo Guy to do the talking on my behalf. So, anyway, after I was home awhile I sent him a text message. He had spilled a McDonald’s Shake in my car and I felt the need to guilt him about it. Anyway, he replied that he would “Hook me up.” Not sure with what or whom he meant but I sent back a sarky reply that said something like “Oh yeah, I expect K2 to be calling me any minute now.”

And then a fucking minute later she called. Oh fuck. Now, mind you, I didn’t answer because 1) I get terrible reception where I live which makes every call a series of “What was that?” and “I’m losing you.” Hardly the workings of something awesome. And, 2) I really didn’t know what she knew in calling me. Did he tell her to call me randomly? Did he blurt out that I worship the ground she drinks on? What? So I sent him a message telling him I wasn’t able to answer the phone (there were two other calls from his phone too) and Iasked him what the hell he said to her. And he wouldn’t answer me.

So, I’m left here wondering if she knows how much of a freak I am or if she was in black out mode and doesn’t remember the whole incident at all or what. Fucking Tattoo Guy.

Should make tonight pretty interesting.

Oh, and the rest of the weekend–lots of other interesting stuff, including a discussion with K2 about finding an apartment together. THAT would certainly put a damper on this whole teenage lust thing. But did drunk Tattoo Guy manage to put a damper on the whole apartment thing. I’m so confused right now…


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