Multiple Hugs

Well, I had a crazy night last night. It didn’t start that way but after a trip north of Rt. 9 with Tattoo Guy and a long visit to the secret bar which included some questionable behavior and a long conversation with a guy that I knew but had never talked to before, we ended up up above at the bar because K2 was there and she is now essentially homeless and Tattoo Guy was taking her in for the night. Now, if I had a proper place to stay I could be the ‘take her in’ person and my life would be golden (heh!) but I don’t so what can ya do?

Anyway, let’s see, while there the Jilted One gave me a huge hug and a kiss when she was leaving (hey, I’m not getting a lot of action so that was special) and another girl who’s leaving the area soon also gave me a big hug and lots of attention.

After closing time (closing time on a Thursday? That’s not smart let me tell you) and then we spent twenty minutes in the parking lot after closing time as Tattoo Guy, K2 and M. worked out who was driving whom where (TG doesn’t drive, K2 couldn’t and M., who likes K2, clearly didn’t want her going home with TG alone). I still have to find out what finally happened. I went home on auto-pilot and swore that next week I wouldn’t repeat this kind of mid-week mistake.

I haven’t been writing much lately, but if you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a K2 kick lately. Troubled, but beautiful and sweet, I can’t help but care about her. Though JetBlue has said some things about her that should make someone at least stop and wonder, I have to ignore her snipey comments until I find out if they’re even remotely true. On the plus side for me–you know, with her going home with Tattoo Guy and telling him that she wanted to “snuggle”– TG told me that he wouldn’t do that because he knows that I adore her. Now, that’s a friend. Me, I would’ve gone home with them (and Tattoo Guy certainly invited me) and done that snuggling myself but I had to work today and I knew I wouldn’t survive the day if I stayed up any later. As it was I got here a couple of minutes after my first class started (ooops).

So, anyway, my pursuit of K2 continues. It’s in a weird place right now because her life is so fucked up. Her roommate has locked her out–she was already kicked out as of November 1st–and she’s struggling with lots of other issues as well. It seems as if our quixotic plans of finding a place together (as friends, mind you, nothing else) have no hope of happening. But at the same time, we see more and more of each other and who knows where that will lead. Tattoo Guy is helping me to be “in” with her while at the same time counciling me against the idea.

And I’m just all in all being a foolish dreamer, picturing us running away to some substance-free utopia where we can relax and talk about books and ideas and things Irish and all those other things I know we both love and cherish and where we can hug and kiss and not worry about all those other ones. But I suppose that, like every other dream, it’s never going to come true, can never happen because life never makes things easy and because there’s a point after which there’s no clear way back to a simple, happy life.


2 Responses to “Multiple Hugs”

  1. Jean-Luc Picard Says:

    K2 sounds quite a challenge. Good luck! Michele sent me here.

  2. Sue Says:

    Hey — Michele says Hi!!
    You know dreams keep us going and sometimes, sometimes they do come true. Might take some work but they can come true. Good luck!!

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