Recapping, part tatu

Well, I won’t let the fact that absolutely no one has read this blog in two days deterring me from attempting some sort of update…

Last night I received a surprise text from my friend who “runs” the secret bar. As this was a rarity (asking me to meet him for drinks on a Tuesday) I was sure to comply. As it turns out, he and his girlfriend seem to be in the process of breaking up and he decided to deal with it by not talking to her and drinking heavily instead. Little did he know I’m a bit of an expert in that strategy. Anyway, Tattoo Guy and I were there for quite a while–I scored potential invites to both going out for sushi soon AND a post-Christmas party, cha chang–and then when others were leaving we packed up and I insisted on going to the usual bar.

Why didn’t I just go home? Well, as more astute readers may have guessed, I knew that the Jilted One was working and I hoped that K2 would show up on the scene. So we spent quite some hanging out there with the Jilted One and the Gangster and his girlfriend, as well as other people who passed through. Oh yeah, including a, let’s say, “chubby” girl that I briefly expressed interest in to Tattoo Guy, whom TG decided to chat up “on my behalf” and to tell her that we would be back there tonight! Oh my. The problem was 1) I first saw her when she was sitting at a table, and 2) Tattoo Guy seemed bound and determined to set me up with someone, anyone, you know, what with all the “success” he’s had helping me to work the K2 angle.

Oh yeah, K2. At some point in the evening, K2 and her friend (see the ala Pulp Fiction dancing girl from an April post) breezed in and K2 said hi to Tattoo Guy and me. Then she asked for a cigarette, so TG and I headed outside. When we got out there her friend came out and asked for a cigarette as well. And then they, um, left immediately. Yes indeedy, 45 seconds worth of quality K2 time and only a $40 bar tab to show for it…

What else is there to say…


5 Responses to “Recapping, part tatu”

  1. kenju Says:

    I guess I don’t know enough about your backstory to comment intelligently, but you do know that a bar is not the best place to meet people, don’t you? Michele said hi.

  2. kenju Says:

    Thanks for the visit, Joe. I always like to be an inspiration to people…LOL. What was your tag line before you changed it?

  3. nosetback Says:

    The most recent one was: “In real life there is no moral to the story.”

  4. Smiler Says:

    I’m a new reader and I must say you have quite a colourful cast of characters here. Cool! Michele says hello.

  5. barbie2be Says:

    Hi Joe, Michele sent me.

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