That Fluttery Feeling

Okay, so Saturday night was the big Halloween party at the bar that the secret bar is in the shadow of. (Yeah, that’s an awkward sentence). Although I didn’t dress up, except for a brief foray wearing C’s curly blonde mullet wig, it was a wild time with a mix of costumed partiers and the usual suspects down at the secret bar.

But none of that really matters to me at the moment.

I spent much of the night talking to the Thursday night Hold ‘Em dealer. And I’m still thinking about her and getting that fluttery feeling. And while I blew my opportunity to ask her out that night, I actually think the opportunity is still going to be there Thursday when she’s next working. I’m thinking she left Saturday knowing that I’m a shy boy that likes her very much. Or at least that’s what my boyheart is hoping. (I know, I get goofing at times like this)

And here’s the best part, dear blog readers: she doesn’t seem aloof like JetBlue and she doesn’t seem messed up like K2. In fact, she’s kind of an average homebody who gets to go out a couple of times a week. She seems mostly single. And she seems fairly interested in yours truly. She seems freakin’ nice and normal..and did I mention kinda cute.

This blog could get real dull real soon. And I don’t just mean from the lack of posts.


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