Not So Fluttery

Okay, so after an optimistic yesterday, why am I mired in a pessimistic Tuesday? Right now I’m thinking that maybe I blew my only opportunity–after hanging out with Ms. Hold ‘Em and not asking her out or anything maybe she’s already judged me negatively. All I can say is that Thursday will be nerve-wracking any way you slice it.

But part of me is still fluttery and thinking about her cuteness and sweetness and all. I can’t help it. I’m torn between the two sides of me–stupidly optimistic and needlessly pessimistic. I wonder which one is right this time around?

Oh, and in other news, I had my phone in my pocket this morning and forgot to lock the keyboard (it’s external). When I got to work I realized that my phone had inadvertently called K2 at 7:15 this morning. She must be thinking I’m some kind of fucking freak. Can’t wait to hear this story. The last time that happened to me it was a call from my pocket to a co-worker at 2 a.m. At least if he was pissed it had no real effect on me…

See ya.


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