Just When You Think

Just when you think that someone is off the radar POW! BFFF! BAM! there they are again.

On Tuesday night Tattoo Guy and I headed down to the bar (or, as he says it, “the bahh”) to see the Jilted One working. Oh, that reminds me, my favorite recent quote from the JiltedOne: “I’m going to put that song (this is the one that she sang to me some months ago) on my mp3 player and when it plays only you and I will know that that’s OUR song.” Hehe…Oh, and THAT reminds me that the same evening she told me that she said to C., in front of his girlfriend, “I miss cuddling with you” which of course didn’t please his gf so she added “It’s okay, we were just friends. We didn’t have sex or anything.” That, I’m sure, was reassuring. She’s apparently also famous for calling guys at four in the morning, just to say hi. I can imagine that that is hard to explain to one’s girlfriend. Yeah.

But, anyway, after being among the missing all weekend–and after my errant phone call in the early morning–K2 was there at the bar, looking as alluring as ever. I, of course, had to break the ice with an apology about the accidental phone call (and I was nervous about mentioning it to her ever because Tattoo Guy kept asking me if I was embarrassed that that had happened, which of course made me embarrassed that that had happened). But she was totally cool about it and laughed it off and said ‘what can ya do?’ Sweet.

And here’s the great part of this whole evening: we talked more than ever before. And it was a great conversation, back and forth, interesting (I think on both ends), all that I could hope for at this point. Yes, for you people that think I wasted my time studying Irish literature and history, screw you, because it paid off Tuesday night. After so many months of missed communications and wondering and dreaming and whatever, I finally feel like we’re real and true friends. Really, despite everything about her that people are more than happy to gossip about, she’s such a cool and sweet and thoughtful and intelligent person. And I dig that. Anyway, at this point, I feel like we’re friends. I don’t get the feeling that much else will go on, but that’s okay. I’ve been surprised before. Especially with the Jilted One’s “love” for me, I know that several people would put in a good word for me and all.

But, for the most part I’ve moved my affections to a new zip code anyway and I’m looking forward to “running into” Ms. Hold ‘Em tonight at the secret bar. I found out last night that she and the bartender are good friends so again I’ve got someone to count on for talking me up to her. You see, the bartender loves me, thinks I’m god’s gift to bartenders (that is, I don’t get loud or angry or violent AND I tip well). She and her boyfriend C. have invited me out to dinner and to parties and such. So, I know (I love building myself up for a large disappointment, eh?) without a doubt that things are going to work out for me this time. I’m due.


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