All In, the Sequel

Oh, the night didn’t end there (see previous post) though. I headed upstairs to see some karaoke. And, indeed, Tattoo Guy was belting out some Hootie.

Yes, Hootie. Don’t ask me. I wonder myself.

Anyway, we hung out with the Friday bartender and her friend for a while. Yes, that “hanging out” was Tattoo Guy’s whole original purpose in heading up there. So I stayed awhile. TG told me that he had arranged a ride with someone so I could leave anytime. (Yes, which I really should’ve done).

I ran into a drunk former employee of D.’s. No, wait. Extremely drunk. Outrageously drunk. Not loud drunk, mind you. In fact silent, non-verbal drunk. Do every handshake ever invented and end with a shake that goes on forever and ever type drunk. Vacant face drunk. I’d reporton the conversation but there truly wasn’t one. Not even a bit.

But what makes him worth mentioning is that he was hanging out with the Borrower (see late July for details there). And she was pretty drunk herself, which I figured could lead to some kind of interesting shenanigans. So we talked a bit over a cigarette (she had one!), mostly random shite. Okay, I really don’t remember what we talked about. Then she went in a bit and I hung with Tattoo Guy and this group of people I hadn’t seen before (except for the bartender girl). And he had them in stitches. It’s funny how funny someone can seem when you’re the right kinda messed up.

Anyway, a few minutes later, the Borrower returned and I went over to talk to her again. This time she borrowed a cigarette! (Ha! I knew that would happen.) And we were talking about her job and about food. And then somehow, something came up where Tattoo Guy made some kind of comment about her. Of course she’s not someone to let something go and she went over and said something back. Which, of course, led him–backed up by his posse, heh–to say something ruder and, well, that pretty much killed things for me and the Borrower. She gracefully exited rather than go back and forth with him any more and I paid my tab and collected Tattoo Guy (his other ride left 45 minutes before me! oops!) and headed home.

So, here’s the recipe for last night: one part mild disappointment with a dash of hope and one part insanity with a heavy dose of drunk flirting. Add to that three hours sleep. Check to see if last night’s clothes are wearable. Put on. Go to work…


One Response to “All In, the Sequel”

  1. Tawcan Says:

    Sounds like an interesting night.

    Here via Michele.

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