All In

So, of course, last night didn’t turn out exactly as expected. But it went pretty well over all I think. We went down to the secret bar, where Ms. Hold ‘Em was dealing cards. We were hanging out outside by the fire for the most part.

The first time I went inside, I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, she was all dressed and made up, which usually doesn’t happen when she’s dealing cards. So I couldn’t help thinking that that was, in part at least, done for me. And, even better, she gave me a big hello–which is surprising in that when she’s dealing cards she usually doesn’t take the time to acknowledge me or anyone.

So, anyway, the card game broke up around midnight and she stayed for a drink. We talked a little bit with someone else and then she indicated she was getting ready to head out. I suggested that we go upstairs for a couple of minutes bercause Tattoo Guy was singing kareoke and I figured it would be fun to watch. But she declined. Man, I gotta stop dreaming that these things are easy.

I did get an indication from C. that she thinks “I’m a really nice guy” but the pessimistic part of me wonders if that statement has a “but…” attached to it. I hope not. For once in this long, strange journey of mine I’ve found someone that I like. Really like in a homey kinda way. That I think is actually relatively normal. Someone that people only have good things to say about.

Anyway, we’ll see if she stops by there today or tomorrow. I’ll be ready to keep on trying. I know that much.


3 Responses to “All In”

  1. Smiler Says:

    I love when I drop by here. Your posts are like reading about a bunch of characters in a novel. Is it actually real or is it fiction? Actually… I’m not sure I wanna. Being in the dark about that gives your stories that added tension. I’ll be coming back for more. Michele sent me, and I’m glad she did.

  2. ribbiticus Says:

    i’ll be rooting for you! looks like a definite possibility there! wanna see how it turns out in the end. 😉

  3. Anne Says:

    Hi, I’m new here, sent from Michele’s. Good luck with Ms. Hold’m.

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