Hello, dear readers, all I can say right now is that everything is good–no wait, great–with me.

I’ll admit that I spent at least part of the last few days wondering what was up with Ms. Hold ‘Em. I called her on Monday, but never heard back–no return call, no text message, nothing. But then again I’ve been having problems with my text messages of late, so I can’t be sure that she wasn’t thinking that I was a TMS (text message snob) or something.

So, last night down at the secret bar she was working. And, not surprisingly, I was there–not just because she was working (that’s the bonus of the moment) but because Thursdays are my night with the folks down below (okay, okay, and Friday and Saturday too). Anyway…

You know, I don’t even feel like writing about all this. Not because I’m lazy or because it’s not an interesting story, but because I actually enjoy where I am. After a spring and summer of JetBlue and K2, I’ve finally rediscovered that part of my heart that had been idle for far too long. And it’s all good.

I will say that the night ended down in the Flats (read: the scariest/toughest part of a town) and really, really ended out on the street at 2:30 this morning. Because my mind always goes for the obvious ‘humor’, we mused at the occasional car racing by us, wondering if we’d end up as drive-by victims and what would our kids think of us as a result. But then the best summation all came to me in one final thought for the night:

“Those weren’t gunshots, officer, those were fireworks!”


6 Responses to “Fireworks”

  1. kenju Says:

    I love that last line, Joe, and there were times in my life I could have said the same thing! You bring back some good memories. Michele says hello.

  2. dak-ind Says:

    hehe, i seem to recall a night or twelve like this when i was in my twenties. its nice to find a happy spot. and fireworks can be fun.

    michele sent me

  3. Deana Says:

    Enjoy the nights like these while they are still actually fun! Michele sent me today! Have a great weekend.

  4. ribbiticus Says:

    awww. glad you had a good night! here’s to more of them coming your way. here via michele! 😉

  5. Bob-kat Says:

    Seems like a fun night to me! 🙂

    Michele sent me to say hi!

  6. aka_monty Says:

    Good luck–I hope you get the girl. 🙂

    Hello, Michele sent me

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