So, last night I gave Ms. Hold ‘Em a call, you know, to ask her out on a proper date. To this point we’ve spent a good amount of quality time together, but, you know, a date’s a date. It’s the big time.

Anyway, I left a message last evening and, even though it’s only 10 AM, I’m already impatient over not having heard back. Yesterday, I was texting Tattoo Guy, talking about not being sure whether Ms. Hold ‘Em really liked me and whether she would reject me because of my age. He replied something like “Remember, you’re Mr. Bad Ass.” to which I could only reply: “Mr. Insecure Bad Ass.” So, yeah, I realize my impatience today is insecurity, but that’s okay. As long as I don’t blow it and show it all should be well in this slow process of getting to know each other.

Oh, the “too old” thing: Remember back at the end of the summer, dear reader, when I met a fellow teacher whom I thought was quite nice? I got her number and all, but remarked in the blog that she and her friend were questioning me about my age. Anyway, I called her then and she never called back and, after my usual period of self-loathing, I got over it. Until Sunday night when I saw her out at the bar. We started talking and at some point in the conversation she said: “Sorry I never called you back. But, you know, you’re too old for me.” Ouch. Yeah, so now I’m paranoid about it. Even though I knew it was the reason, hearing it wasn’t easy. Luckily, on the other hand, I’ve had K2 telling me that “Age shouldn’t matter” so at least someone is on the right page with that.

One other somewhat random note: this whole “first date” thing is going to be a unique one. We’ve already hung out together and all and kissed so, even though it’ll be a “first date” I think it will be an easy-going one. You know, not really worried so much about whether we’ll get along and not worried about whether and when to move in for that first kiss. That’s all behind us already.

But, of course, part of me realizes that I’ll never make it “easy-going” for myself. After all, I am the guy who just in his mind decided that it’s now 10:30 and clearly she’s not going to call back. I told you this blog was going to get boring and here ya go.


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