But It Paid Off in a Way

Okay, before I start yet another exceedingly dull blog entry about my new potential relationship I have to briefly mention the Jilted One. On Monday night when I was at the bar (only for a brief while, honest) she was there and boy was she tipsy. She reminded me that some weeks ago I was her “ride home” on a particular Sunday night–I think I told the story: she had to tell her boyfriend that I gave her a ride home because in fact some other guy had. Anyway, on Monday she was all drunky and kept hugging me and telling me “secrets” she had–none of them were too juicy, though and the funny part about it was that when she drunk whispers you can pretty much hear her across the bar. Which is very different than when she talks to me in her normal voice and I can barely hear her and have to say “Wha?” a lot.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote about being impatient. By 6 PM I had had enough so I decided to text message Ms. Hold ‘Em. Because I’ve learned a lot over the months I didn’t address the fact that she hadn’t called me or anything. Instead I came up with a random and at least mildly humorous topic. Well, the next hour or so after that was spent kicking myself for being too attentive until she replied, mentioning that Tuesday’s were a crazy busy day for her. So I waited quite a while to respond–wanting to keep up the conversation, but being mindful of the crazy busy comment. And, anyway, we slowly went back and forth over the course of a couple of hours.

Now,mind you, she still hadn’t brought up me asking her out. And I wasn’t going to mention it–though I was on the verge. Finally I asked her how her birthday down at the secret bar went and how I was bummed that I missed it. And, finally, boom! she segued into the date thing. So, by the end of the conversation last night I got: most likely yes, definitely want to, not sure which night, but most likely do-able.


Bored yet, dear readers? No, “oh by the way here’s the crazy thing she did” No nothing like that. Sorry…but I’m not.


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