I Go Out on Friday Night

“I go out on Friday night and I go home on Saturday morning…” 

So, anyway, as I mentioned at the end of the last post, I dragged through my day of work on Friday on two hours of sleep. Note to self: never, never, ever, never do that again. And after work only had the opportunity for the briefest of naps. So, of course I’m sure you’re thinking–Mr. Setback, your date with Ms. Hold ‘Em is Saturday night, so Friday will be the perfect night to try to un-do some of the damage that this lack of sleep the previous night has no doubt done to your sorry body. You would think.

So, I decided that, while I wanted to be in bed early, I also wanted to visit with C. and his girlfriend and the Young One, you know, a couple of hours early in the night just to say hi. So I got there at eight and repeatedly mentioned to C. about how I was tired and only staying a short while. He laughed at me and said, “you’re helping me close tonight.” I laughed at his foolishness and went off to talk to some friends, eventually getting into a discussion with the Young One about Tattoo Guy and about Ms. Hold ‘Em–and it was interesting in a lot of ways. Hearing a different perspective on what happened the night before, hearing a surprising perspective on Ms. Hold ‘Em and me, just having a nice conversation all and all. At one point, Short Guy (who is a fairly obnoxious and really short drunken guy who alternately says nasty things and tries to hit on women) came over and hit on the Young One. She pointed to me and said: “Can’t you see I’m with someone.” He apologized but he looked awfully confused, having just seen me with Ms. Hold ‘Em the night before. On a related note, while we were still talking, another guy brought over a beer for the Young One. To his credit he seemed like a nice enough person and all, but I still wondered why no one was thinking we could at least possibly be together–at the very least think I’m her dad or whatever. Anyway, she thanked him but said that she was sorry she had a boyfriend (this time she meant her real boyfriend who wasn’t there that evening) and he walked away in that manner of men who made the supreme sacrifice by taking a shot with a beautiful stranger and in the end had to retreat, defeated.

Okay, so with all these small stories, I’m sure you’ve guessed that it was hitting 2 o’clock before I knew it. C., at some point in the evening had offhandedly said to a few of us that whoever lasted longest would win sometihng. Although I never dreamed it would be me, in fact, of the four or five people he said it to I indeed was the last one standing. So, tired out of my mind I headed home, painfully aware of the early basketball game staring me in the face Saturday morning…

more soon…


One Response to “I Go Out on Friday Night”

  1. Carmi Says:

    I remember those moments all too well, but they’re increasingly distant memories now that I’ve been married for as long as I have. I think I’d wipe out fairly regularly if I were thrown back in the pool today!

    Back from Michele’s. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

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